Weekly Faves

A round up of what you loved this week:

Red Aspen – the fall nails have returned and they are CUUUUUTE!! Plus

Epilator – this is the device braun is absolutely terrified of and I LOVE. haha. So many of you bought it!! I need to know what you think! Pulls out the hairs at roots vs. shaving!

Thongs – why are underwear so awkward to talk about? haha. They shouldn’t be. these are awesome though!! I just bought more packs to keep in St. G.

Nike Theas – 54% off is UNHEARD of but currently happening.. grab them noooow!! TTS. I love them!!

AirPods MAX – $120 off. again, unheard of!! What’s up with sales this week?? These have been awesome. A little heavier than my Bose ones, but overall I like them a lot more. The auto sync and noise cancellation is amazing.

Cents of Style Tees – Get your true size, or size down in these tees.. they’re soooo darn comfy and the material is awesome.

Kindle – the cute white kindle is on sale + 20% off if you’re trading in!! If I didn’t have mine I would for sure be getting this one. I love the white.

DIME Perfume – Dans Les Bois RESTOCKED! Save around $300 and get this PERFECT dupe to a designer perfume. 20% off with code TARA20

Anker Cord Organizers – love these things.. both braun and I use them on our nightstands. Magnets are super strong + it has 3m tape on the back to attach to where you want it to stay.

Nike Sneakers – immediately ordered these cute sneakers!! I bet emery is going to steal them from me.