Your Faves in March

Did March really even happen?! Dang, it flew by so darn fast over here. Anyone else feel that way!? I definitely shared less with you guys in march because I was so focused on making sure Jett was doing okay and every single day brought something different… but you guys still were loving the things that I did share! 🙂


As we change seasons, I’ve been sharing some of the things that I really am loving lately! 🙂 Here’s what you guys loved:

Walmart Sweater – ummm yes I would way rather spend $9 on a sweater that looks the exact same as a $68+ sweater. There’s only black left, but if you’re looking for a good cardigan it’s this.

Backcountry 1/4 Zip – you’ve seen Emery and I wearing this nonstop since we bought nearly every color in it a couple of months ago. We love the medium size! It’s currently on sale too.

Changing Ponchos – I’m not sure if you guys bought these for your kiddos or yourself (because ALL of my kids are getting them for easter) but they’re awesome. They’re the perfect wearable towels and I love love love it so much. It’s going to be awesome for the boat over spring break.

Ziggy Denim Overalls – these are the most comfortable overalls ever made, I swear! They’re not baggy, but they’re also not tight. they really just have an awesome fit. I’ve had these on repeat. They finally restocked, too.

Hot Shot Romper – I loved this last summer, and I loved it all over again in Hawaii!! You guys asked sooo many times in DMs for a link to that. That desert heat color is way cute.

H+M Slides – you guys are loving these! I wish they were a little less puffy but they’re still wayyyyy cute and I love them.. they also

Nike Theas – these always sell out sooo quick and normally they aren’t on sale! Right now the brown is well stocked + 20% off! 🙂 They’ll go quick.

UO Slides – I grabbed these this month and Em and I have been sharing them! The cream color is super cute. They’re still not the perfect dupe to last year’s H+M slides but they’re close!!


I always love seeing what beauty items you guys are into.. especially when it’s my tried and true faves!!

Cuticle Oil – it’s a bit spendy bit seriously it’ll last you probably your entire lifetime if you don’t lose it!! This was by far the best seller for beauty this month.

Ceale Pore Sucker – the next best selling item in beauty was this ceale pore sucker.. I use this at least once a week and it’s awesome.. pulls all the gunk right out. Good gift for Mother’s Day!! My code is TARALOVE

Jack Black Lip Balm – if you are planning on spending time in the sun this is for sure an absolute must. This has saved my lips more times than I can count and doesn’t smell weird or have a funky texture like some lip SPFs!

DIME Products – this month you guys were loving: wonder screen, brow serum, lash serum, TBT cream, whipped exfoliating mask + the perfume samplers the most from DIME! 🙂 All of their products are made with clean beauty ingredients.. My girls also love their stuff. Code: TARA20 will always work on their site, even stacks on bundles!

Kitsch – all of their stuff was 30% off in March and so many of you stocked up.. I hope you spoiled yourself a bit with that sale too – it’s the same as what they did on Black Friday last year! They have some cute new stuff coming out really soon on a Bridgerton collaboration! Code: TARA works for 20% now 🙂


Terra-Core – this was my Christmas present to myself… I was so excited when they asked to partner because it’s truly one of those products that I love so so much. It’s a killer full body workout even when you’re just working your legs because it requires you to balance and engages your abs the whole time. It’s awesome. My Code TARA is 30% off plus one year of free content.. Some of you guys are receiving yours from my initial post with them + they should be shipping soon from the second round!

Aloha Bag – this will forever be a must in my suitcase! It’s an awesome beach bag… it’s water resistant and packs up to basically nothing, so it takes no room in your suitcase. They have a bunch of designs.. you could even use it as an everyday tote bag if you wanted.

Goosebumps Blankets – These are a fam favorite for us… me, braun, the kids.. we all LOVE them. I’ve taken mine to every country we’ve traveled too – even Thailand and Bora Bora!! They’d make the best Easter Basket stuffers and their new neon collection is adorable.. Code TARA is 15% off of their site! 🙂

Kadu Blocks – You guys have tagged me a bunch in these, I’m so glad your kiddos are loving them!! We take these to church every single week and my kids and I build nesting boxes basically haha. It keeps them quiet and engaged though, and that’s a huge plus! Code TARA is 15% off!

Apple Slicer – Honestly I don’t think I posted about this in March?!? Haha. Maybe over on the stock list. I laughed when I saw this come up, but it really is THAT good.. I’ve had mine for years now and it’s still as amazing as when I bought it. No more sliced fingers trying to cut an apple.

Home Edit Organizing Boxes – These are what Braun + Anisten’s dreams are made of. Everything can definitely have a place with these… They launched a bunch of stuff at Walmart and I’ve been really happy with the quality and use!

Stanley – Of course Stanley made the list.. They did a restock of their Quenchers and launched new sizes and colors PLUS launched new colors in the IceFlow! They’ve had to restock them multiple times already. They would make great Easter Basket Stuffers. Code: TARA20 works on the iceflows! 🙂

Red Aspen – as always! 🙂 I love that you love these nails as much as I do.. The recent neutrals have been SO good. $13-$15 for 1-2 at home manicures that last two weeks, truly ya can’t beat it!