10 Steps For The Perfect Faux Glow

There is almost nothing in this world beauty-wise that makes me feel more put together and beautiful than a tan.

For those of us partial to a year-round vacation glow (you know, minus the sun and skin cancer that sometimes follows) self-tanner is the next best option.

But as anyone who has unintentionally been transformed into a streaky or orange version of themselves knows, getting a perfect application is an art form.

Luckily, self-tanners have come a long way since their inception and many of today’s options impart “tans” that are indistinguishable from the real deal. And I wanted to see if I could get my favorite glow without my usual setup and instead, partnered with Walmart and picked up some of the brands that you guys recommended!

One thing I love about Walmart is that they have pretty much something for everyone – it made my shopping super easy!

So here are my top tips for getting the perfect glow every single time and the products I found that are the perfect choice for your vacation glow!

Getting the perfect glow

ok, before I break it down for you, I want you to know I tried a ton of brands. I put them in a slider below but the one I absolutely fell in love with is this one from Jergens. Of the few I tried, this one went on smooth, had a buildable formula (key if you are a habitual user like me!), and dried in an hour!

And it also smells AMAZING! I went to a party at Rachel Parcell’s home and everyone there was asking me what I was wearing that smelled so good!

These aren’t necessary but they sure make tanning DIY a lot more manageable!  And this formula had almost 1,000 5-star reviews! This isn’t rocket science but it does require a series of steps. I’ve outlined mine below:


Exfoliate, shave, shower, do your nails, touch up your hair color all before applying your self-tanner.

2) Exfoliate

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