10 Warm Weather Must-Haves

Thank goodness for warmer weather! Quarantine was tough enough with all of us home with 284 hours of homework to do. But the cold weather in February and March kept us all a little more cooped up than we wanted to be! Anytime temps hit above 60 my kids would run outside in shorts and t-shirts like it was 11o.

But thankfully, warmer weather is here and it’s only getting hotter. And while most of Utah has moved to the yellow phase, I know a lot of states are still in lockdown or not congregating in groups of more than 6. If social distancing has you going stir crazy, there are several activities you can do to pass the time and keep you and your busy kids entertained!

I’m sharing with you our warm-weather favorites and how we aren’t letting Covid-19 put a damper on getting outside, getting active, and making the most of the coming summer!


1) This has been one of my kid’s favorite things to play with both outdoors and indoors. It was originally purchased to help with their gymnastics and acrobatics and quickly became a slip-and-slide and anything else they could imagine up!

2) Out of all the toys we’ve purchased Jett, this is the one thing he never leaves home without. And this one would have been perfect to have with us for frog hunting! If you’ve got kids who love insects and amphibians, you need to get them one of these!

3) Popsicles can be a messy business but I love that we can make them at home and even come up with our own concoctions. You’ve probably purchased a few of these as a parent but these ones are the best! They come out individually so you can defrost them one by one and they’re the perfect way to use those over-ripe strawberries and bananas!


• • •

4) You’re gonna need a good outdoor blanket to save your nice quilts and blankets from mud and grass stains! This one is water-resistant and wipes down easily. It also folds up super small so it’s easy to pack.

5) If I never have to fill up water balloons one-by-one in this decade, it will be too soon. These have saved mom and dads everywhere and make summer that much more fun! Hook these up to your hose while holding it over a large container and watch the water balloons fall into it as they get full. No single fills, no knot tying. These will save your sanity and your fingers!

6) This is fun to have at home for the budding home-chef and is such a great group activity. You’re making small batches so you could make everyone’s favorite. Plus, does any ice cream maker ever put enough Oreos or Butterfinger in your store-bought favorite?

7) I never go anywhere without this. It’s easy to catch, perfect for play at the park or in a parking lot when passing time, and seriously perfect for all ages. It’s soft, doesn’t hurt, and even Jett can do it. It ruins all other frisbees for you!

8) Outdoor games are my jam. And everybody loves them. Even if you aren’t a cornhole fan (best game ever and every age can play), there are a TON of other options. Giant Connect-4. Giant Jenga. Ring toss? Seriously, you could set up your own outdoor Olympics.


• • •

9) If you didn’t tie-dye anything this year did you even quarantine bro? My girls have been going nuts for tie-dye everything and I’ve even picked up a few sweatshirts for myself! Grab yourself a kit and make all your tie-dye dreams come true!

10) This has been the best purchase and it gets used almost every single day of summer. It’s like having your own snow-cone stand (because every kid in the neighborhood will come over) and you can ake them social distance as they sit in the grass and eat them. This kit is nice because it comes with everything you need but you can grab more flavors HERE.

• • • • •

I hope these summer favorites help you have the best social-distancing summer ever!

Xx Tara

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