4th of July Clothing Picks

Holidays are a big deal around the Thueson house.

Correction: Braun is VERY into dressing the part for the holidays and the rest of us pale in comparison! Seriously, just check out his getup last year:

Even the caps to the air valves on his truck tires had American flags on them! And I’m here for it. I love that he gets so into the holiday because it makes it that much more special for us. Kids are going to have a good time regardless but when the parents buy all in, it takes it up a level.

I’ve been wondering what the 4th will look like this year. Luckily, we’re in Utah and it’s almost as if COVID was just a rumor that was circulated for a while. We’re in Stage 3 and should be in Stage 4 by the holiday. But I know there are so many other states still heavily affected by the pandemic. And I think if there is one thing you can do to make it feel like you’re still celebrating (even if it is in the confines of your own backyard) is to dress the part! So we’re taking a page out of Braun’s book this year and going all out!

Here are some of my picks to help you get in the spirit of celebrating our Independence!


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I had a feeling a lot of available options were going to be tie-dye this year! But they’re great pieces that can be worn year-round, which is nice for kids since it’s bad enough that they grow so fast! Check out these pics of the kids from the previous 4th of Julys:

Even Braun and I look like babies in this one! And each year our clothing choices have definitely gotten better.

My 4th Of July Picks For Boys

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Some of my favorite picks over the years have been for the girls. One thing I like to do is grab clothing that they’re going to feel comfortable in and move in. We typically do a parade, picnic, pool, and then fireworks. This means I need to grab outfits that are cool but maybe a sweatshirt or light jacket for the evening. Especially if they’ve gotten a little sun.

My 4th of July Picks For Tween Girls

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Even if going all out isn’t your thing, you can pick up matching shirts for your family at Old Navy and similar stores! There aren’t a TON of options, I think because companies didn’t want to dump a bunch of money into a holiday they weren’t sure was going to be celebrated the same way as years past. Makes sense. But it makes it tough to shop!

SHop My 4th of July Picks for Women

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I hope you find something that puts you in the mood to celebrate and brings a bit of normalcy back into your festivities! Let me know in the comments below what your plans are for the holiday!

Xx Tara


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