5 Tips to Getting Things Done & Staying Motivated with Athleta & Hill City

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Now that Braun and I have officially conquered the Grand Canyon, we figured we deserve a little break from mountain climbing. But that doesn’t mean we’ll be taking it easy this summer! 

Because after last week, I need a break…We both do! But there are some tried and true tips we use to get things done each day and stay motivated (and some of them I used when we were 13 miles deep into our 26-mile hike! Haha) 



Carve out time in your day for YOU. It has changed throughout our lives. It used to be putting my kids in the gym daycare and doing yoga. Sometimes it’s been a 15-minute meditation session locked in my closet while the kids screamed outside my door. Currently, it’s hitting the gym for an hour every morning. I’ve learned you can’t pour from an empty cup so make sure to take care of yourself and in turn, you can take care of your kids and spouses better.  


There’s an entire book about why this is so important in your life. Braun is much better at this than I am, but it gives you that sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning. It’s a lot more than just making your bed. 

3: PLAN.

When you fail to plan, plan to fail. Then follow through with your plan. Honestly and truly this is my number one tip to reach success and stay motivated. Being organized doesn’t come easy. It’s something I have to work at EVERY SINGLE DAY. Sit down at the start of your week and get a bird’s eye view of must do’s & hope to do’s. Assign chores. Get a sitter and run your weekly errands on that single day. Then nightly, glance over your next day and take mental notes. It’ll make a huge difference.  


When you see something that needs to be done, do it right then. Walk past the sink and see dishes in it? Do it right then. Notice shoes that need putting away? Do it right then. Seems easy right?! I’ll walk through my house and see something and add it to my “mental to do list”… Over the day that to do list gets massive and bogs me down. An imaginary weight gets added to my shoulders every time I add something to that mental to-do list and the shoes on the floor become a little more than shoes on the floor. They contribute to my overall wellbeing. So next time you see something that needs to be done? Tackle it right away. As you do that daily, the BIG overwhelming tasks become smaller and smaller.  

5: PMA.

We talk about this daily. I saw a quote this weekend that read: “Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about our joys instead.” While I do think problems need to be addressed, try and maintain a positive attitude. It makes a world of difference. Implement the 5×5 rule. If it’s not going to matter in 5 years, don’t waste 5 minutes worrying about it now. 

I could go on and on, but these are definitely my TOP 5! Once I’ve got my mindset right daily, I’m primed to tackle the rest! 

We have a ton planned this summer and you know me, it’s all about having the right wardrobe to go with any activity. I’ve been a fan for a while (and so have my girls!) but Braun and I both had the opportunity to put some new activewear to the test and I gotta say, we’re big fans! 


I am so impressed with Hill City. Braun is on the go a LOT. Airplane rides, hotel rooms, taxis, walking neighborhoods until his feet hurt – this guy LIVES for comfort. Hill City is awesome for him because even though they offer the comfort of workout gear, they don’t look like workout gear. He can wear these shirts (which are quickly becoming his new favorite) throughout the day or to the gym.

You know how loyal Braun is to his favorite brands, right? Well, he’s made room in his closet for a few pairs of these shirts and even a few of their jackets. You can check out some of his favorites below:


The other great thing about this type of clothing is that it really packs down. It doesn’t have the bulkiness of traditional clothing and as a bonus, they:

  • dry quickly
  • don’t wrinkle as much
  • have stretch for added mobility
  • can go from the gym to the office
  • are made to fit multiple body types
  • Are cut for movement
  • have tons of color options
  • built for different types of weather

They’re basically like the swiss army knife of clothing – the jack-of-all-trades. They look good on your guy AND go anywhere and go with anything. Braun’s OCD heart is totally in love!


And Braun isn’t the only one who needs comfy clothes that basically make you look good while adapting to your activity. Being home with 4 kids on my own this summer requires the mom uniform of all mom uniforms. I need to be able to play ball with my kids, go swimming, hit the trail, run through a park, fix boo-boos, wrestle – ALL THE THINGS!

I’m seriously in love with their selection of shorts. You might feel differently, but I think denim gets hot! I was in search of shorts that were airy and lightweight. I especially love their selection of Bermuda shorts – modest and they keep you cool during the hot months!

They’ve also got a great selection of dresses for every occasion (yes, every single one!) and they’ve got rompers (you know I love onsies haha!) that will help you keep it is easy and breezy this summer! Like Hill City, Athleta has clothes that are work appropriate, great for traveling, and can transition to the park in a heartbeat. They are clothes designed to live YOUR life in and to help you do it in comfort and while looking good.


So, if you or your guy are in need of some awesome summer threads that will keep you cool, warm, and everything in between AND have a selection to address all life’s activities, head to Athleta and Hill City to stock up!

Xx Tara


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