Amazon Purchases April 2022

This month was really a bunch of random stuff.. haha. From sports equipment to bottle openers, bug nets to dog bones… and everything in between!

Folex – if you haven’t used this before, it’s basically some magical substance that can clean just about anything… we never don’t have this in our house.

Organizer Bins – we needed more for St. George!

Dog Chews – bully sticks are great, but they stink. Found these and they don’t stink at all…hallelujah.

True Lime Powder – there’s sooo many benefits for drinking lime water in the morning – but also, it just tastes good!

Bottle Openers – This was a Braun order, really wondering what new fancy bottled drink he has discovered.

Fiji – we get this on auto delivery (which saves money!!) every month.

Viva Paper Towels – have you ever felt these?? Seriously the best paper towels.

Rubber Gloves – I love these gloves, they actually fit my hands well and not bulky and weird.. plus, they’re cute.

Celcius – this flavor was yummy! This is a healthier caffeinated drink.

Dog bones – Pennie and Goldie were really spoiled this month

Toilet Paper Holder – it’s the worst when you need extra and it’s in a cabinet somewhere in a strangers house. We got this for St. G for the guest bathrooms to store TP in sight, but cute.

Creamy Candy – I actually had no idea this was ordered until I went to pull orders.. haha. It just barely got placed on the 30th.. I will report back on how it is if it’s GF.

Core Power – Braun drinks these daily! We get them auto delivered monthly.

Nets – My boys have so much fun with stuff like this, especially in the little pond by our house.

Yoga Socks – exactly what they’re for.. yoga! They’re really awesome in lagree too!

Gel Polish – top + base polish for the girls

Anker Wall Block – I think we are slowly swapping every single charger in our house over to anker as one dies.. they’re speedy and reliable!

Sleep Mask – the best sleep mask in the world. haha. It’s a total black out and has padding around your eyes so it doesn’t smoosh them. We got a couple to leave in St. George

Books – if you follow Braun on IG you’d know he only buys hard copies of books he likes.. apparently these three made the cut! Psycho-Cybernetic, Twelve and a Half, Unleash the Power of Storytelling

Corsex Masks – couldn’t tell you how these are yet, but I will for sure report back on them

Ear Camera – I will forever laugh when I think of why I finally bought one of these.. poor Anisten. I’ve had so many instances where I thought an ear cam would be handy.. never did I think it was going to be to find a bug.

Camera Lens Cover – protect you lens!!! These are cheap, and work!

Pindaloo Game – this is hard!! It’s like juggling, catching and toss all in one… in a tube. The boys are getting good at it. It was a basket stuffer.

Cleats – soccer season is upon us! Their feet grow SO quick.. don’t splurge on expensive cleats unless it’s necessary.

Matching Game – Jett is getting good at this! I’m better though 😉 he gets so mad I’m so speedy at matching! hahah. It’s magnetic so it’s perfect to take anywhere.

Shin Guards – these amazon ones have been great for both boys

Game Pad – Perfect for in the car.. this was in easter baskets

Pack of 150 Fidgets – Dash saved up for this.. he was so happy when it arrived.

Bubbles – these are cute and look like little test tubes. Perfect for easter stuffers.

Geode Kits – grabbed these for Easter baskets for the boys.. not sure who thought it was cooler, them or my dad ha!

Pop Darts – these have been a huge hit! My friend told me they were awesome so I grabbed them and put them on the kids gift guides.. they were right!! Hope your kiddos are having fun with them too.