Summer is coming.. which also means shorts.. does anyone else dread finding good shorts?! It feels impossible sometimes and super frustrating. I need them to fit well, and also be a good length.. Someday soon I’ll do a roundup of all all my favorite longer length shorts, but for now enjoy these.. my absolute favorite shorts!!

This tank will also be on repeat this summer. It’s the perfect length with high rise shorts + it’s dang comfy! If you’re doing any sort of activity, you’ll probably want to double up on it… that’s what I do. But if you’re just out and about, one is fine! They have a TON of color options. If this one is too short for you – they have a longer option HERE.

This scout one jacket is sooo cute. It’s definitely over sized, but I really like it. It comes in a few cute colors. It’s light weight, so it’s perfect for cool summer days. It does button in the front too!

My birks.. forever and ever I will wear these ones. I love them!! All my favorite summer washable shoes are linked HERE.

As always, I’m sporting my Loopy case (since 2014ish!). My code TARA10 works on one, and TARA15 works on multiple. I finally got the cute iridescent one for my phone! Bring on spring!