Top Sellers for April 2022

All the things you guys loved in the month of April! 🙂

Kids Stuff

Gel Shooters – you guys completely sold out the gel guns Braun got *for the kids*.. we had a lot of fun surprise attacking them before we gave them theirs! haha. The first link goes to the landing page of a bunch of them – this one has the best review though!

Skip Ball – I was actually shocked this was one of the top sellers for easter/spring break! It is super fun though, so if you got it for spring break I hope you had a blast playing! It’s perfect for summer.

Beauty Items

Cuticle Cream – I’ve been using this for over a year now and the container basically still looks brand new. It’s for sure the only reason the skin around my nails are not disgusting and peeling.. haha. Utah is DRY and this is a life saver. A little goes a very long way.

Red Aspen – LOTS of Red Aspen stuff this month! It was so fun to see that you guys were trying a bunch of new things. The tanning stuff has been awesome, especially that tool to get your back!!


Loopy Cases – lots of code uses on Loopy Cases!! Can’t blame ya.. I’ve been using a loopy since 2014-ish. They’ve started to come out with super cute patterns. This daisy one is SO adorable!! Code: TARA10 on one or TARA15 on multiple.

LuluLemon Belt Bag – It’s baaaackkkk!! This winter they basically sold out and re-made the bag, making it more size inclusive (hooray for you Lululemon!!). Their new colors are way cute too.

Target Bag – this one sold out within a day or two of hitting Target last year, it seems like they have good stock this year. This ombre is SO cute.. they also have a blue one! It’s currently 20% off.

Sun Hat – I still can’t get over how dang cute this hat is!! I’m so happy I bought multiple of them to keep one in St. G and one at home.. and I gave the third to Rachel.


Ziggy Denim Overalls – the softest overalls I have ever worn.. I am really loving these! True to size, I wear a small. I love that they aren’t super tight. I probably could size down one size if I wanted a tighter fit without them being too small. The splattered pair does fit differently if you’re thinking about those BTW.

Happiness Runs Crop (tank) – this is a good one.. I can 100% understand why the lady in the Free People store bought HUNDREDS of them at one time.. I’m not that passionate about them, but just know, it’s more than just me in love with this one!

Scalloped Set – Fell in love with the details in this set. The sweatshirt comes in a couple of colors, and there’s also a longer bra/tank with the scalloped detail.. it’s all linked up in my blog post HERE.

Way Home Shorts – it’s getting to be that season where these will be the top seller every month.. hah! These were one of the year top sellers last year + I bet they will be this year too because they keep putting out new cute new colors!

Camden Sweatshirt – I waited awhile on this one.. I couldn’t tell how it would fit by reviews. When I tried it on in store I fell in love! It runs real big, but it’s cute!! This is the XS.


Rubber Birkenstocks – are you sick of seeing these yet?? haha. They’re SO adorable!! I had the copper pair last year and they quickly because one of my favorite summer shoes. I love that they are totally washable. These sold out so quick at Free People and Urban Outfitters but I found them fully stocked HERE.

Nike Thea’s – I’m so happy that they keep restocking these.. now only if they could keep them in stock! What is available from the latest restock is 20% off – so it’s a good time to grab a pair. Looks like black is fully restocked and up to size 7 is stocked in brown.


Moji – their new spring and summer scents are out and they are soooo dang good!! They had a bring back day for orchid and apricot and you guys snagged them all before I even could place a bulk order. Soooo.. I’m a little jealous haha.

Our Place – their annual spring sale is still happening until the 8th at midnight!! It’s equivalent to their holiday sales so it’s a great time to stock up (plus, hello Mother’s Day gift!!)

Self Care

Coconu – I’m not called the lube lady for nothing.. this stuff really is amazing. Try it, I bet you’ll love it. There’s no harmful ingredients and there’s a few different types they make. water, oil + hemp.. I dare you to read the ingredients on your current lube.. remember those literally end up inside of you!!