Amazon Purchases May 2022

It’s that time of the month to air my Amazon purchases from May! This month was actually reallllly low-key. We’ve been to busy to browse 😂


One of my all time favorite purchases has been this clear window cling bird house.. Although the cute birds are crapping on the side of my house now.. it’s definitely been worth it – the kids and I love watching the cute birds! For the hummingbird food – we have a couple of feeders, this pack of two on amazon is perfect and inexpensive!

Metal Collar – Braun was getting soooo sick of losing his collar midday and constantly trying to fix it. This is basically a metal collar shape holder! He really loves it.

Hair Gel – We are back to using our tried and true.. my boys started hating the glue as it would pull their hair.. this one is medium hold but does the trick at keeping their hair looking nice all day. The key is to apply it when their hair is dry so you get maximum volume!

Ice Mask for Migraines – Honestly, there are days I will try literally anything. This has a little bit of compression and is cooling and it works awesome. I have a whole blogpost of migraine remedies that have been lifesaving for me + also a bunch of recommendations from you guys too. It’s all linked up HERE.

No Show Socks – These have a LOT of 5 star reviews on amazon.. That’s initially what suckered me in to buying YEARS ago — and I haven’t stopped since! They’re that good.

Castor Oil Lash + Eyebrow Serum – I’m guessing one of the girls ordered this, because I’m a tried and true DIME Lash and Brow Boost person (code TARA20).. I’ll report back with how they think this works when I figure out who’s it is! haha.

Threader Floss – the most life saving invention when it comes to having braces… Here’s all of the other things I couldn’t live without with braces! My girls agree!

Tech + Hiking Goodies!

Wireless Microphone – This is a Braun thing for his recording stuff for work! If you are in the market for stuff for podcasts or filming, these are awesome.. the review videos on the amazon listing are super helpful.

Neoprene Gloves – EVERY single person on our Subway hike was gifted a pair of these. ALL OF THEM. They’re mostly supposed to be used with wet suits, but we used them in the water and repelling. I honestly don’t know if there would’ve been much worse than a giant cut to the palm of their hand while doing an almost 13 hour hike. Well.. except my poor FIL’s calf muscle! 🙁

Wet/Dry Bag – I can’t ever remember if if I’m supposed to call them wet or dry. haha. They are made to get wet and stay totally dry, and they did! I was so surprised. I was very happy with these. We bought multiple sizes, I’ll link them below. We carried the bigger and medium ones and the girls carried the smaller sized ones.

USB-C Adapters – these make it so our older computers are compatible with the newer device plugs!

Tax Free Wealth – Braun actually has a little review of this book over on his instagram page.. he only buys the hard covers if he’s enjoyed and found value in the book.

Backpack Speaker – these were the real MVP of the hike if you ask the girls haha! They’re waterproof, which was the real selling point for me. They kept the girls excited while they hiked + honestly it was nice to have the background noise sometimes.

Tesla Screen Protector – this really isn’t that exciting — but the Tesla is awesome! This is just a screen protector for it! If you missed it, Braun snuck off with my car and traded it in for a Model X.. it’s not something I would’ve done for myself and I’m so grateful he did.

The rather boring stuff… haha.

Palema’s GF Baking Mix – This is hands down the best gluten free mix on the market. I’ve tried just about everything.. I have this on subscribe and save.

Ice Scoop – Grabbed this for my lovely giant ice cube making machine! It’s magnetic, so it hangs right on it 🙂

Paper Plates – Subscribe and save. We have so many items on this and get to save 10-15% on all of them by doing so!