It’s that time of the week! I’ve rounded up what you’re loving:

  1. Red Aspen – both the nail dashes and the tanning foam! I have a whole highlight on how to apply the tanning mousse on my IG.
  2. Stanley – the Quencher was by far the top seller, but of course they sold out! The IceFlow series are still stocked and make an awesome Father’s Day gift.. code: TARA20 (30oz is our fave!)
  3. Reef Sandals – gosh, I’m SO glad I got a code for these because they’re my fave too! TARA20 – they’re SUPER comfortable. I’m loving the platform options.
  4. Target Sandals – they were on sale earlier in the week.. but they have a ton of cute styles right now and they’re pretty fairly priced!
  5. Bird Feeder – you guys will have to let me know what you think! We love having the birds come up to the windows while we are at the table. it’s so fun.
  6. Backpack Speaker – this is what kept the girls going through the whole hike. it was nice to have the background noise.
  7. Shutterfly Memory Game – I loved seeing how many of you bought this. It’s such a fun way to connect with your kids! Jett was soooo excited over this. code: SHOPSTYLE for an extra 5% off sale prices!
  8. Andar – Father’s Day is almost here.. Andar is one of Braun’s all time favorite brands. He LOVES their wallet and accessories! Code: TARA20 – everything will come in time if you order soon.
  9. Aerie Swim – they’ve got a ton of cute options. All swim is 30-50% off right now plus an extra 20% with code YESSS20
  10. Coconu – I know who shopped my gift guides 😉 They came out with some new bundles (hemp + oil together!!) and my code TARA stacks!