Goosebumps Blanket Sale

One thing that comes to mind for a best gift for literally anyone is Goosebumps blankets! EVERYONE in my house, my nanny included, LOVE these blankets. Heck, I’ve traveled the country + others with mine haha..

Although they’re all absolutely amazing — I’ll share some of my favorites or what I’d pick for colors right now in our favorite Adult Large size. The brushed is the softest I think!

For me – I really love neutrals! I’d pick: Wild Oats Ribbed, Creme Brûlée, tan check, gray check, star fish (you know how much I love stars!!), tan leopard, give me this WHOLE PAGE and any lace or ruffle.. so cute! I love them.

For the girls – they’re into more bright colors right now.. I’d pick: Mint Brushed, Barbie Brushed, Sweet Tart Ribbed, ANY of the luxe neon colors (SO GOOD), iridescent, Elsa and anything else bright! 🙂

For the boys + Braun: Blue Hues Ribbed, lucky ribbed, shadows ribbed, cobalt, ride or dye, lily pad, insomnia + any of the other solids or darker dyes.

If you can get your hands on a luxe – I HIGHLY recommend it!! Hopefully this helps.

My code TARA is good for 20% off the site for the next 48 hours!! It includes the baby blankets and ruffle blankets (soooooo cute!!) this time too. Happy shopping!