April Amazon Purchases

I have to admit, my April Amazon purchases aren’t as erratic as March, but it does still look like we’re are preparing for an apocalypse! Ok, maybe apocalypse is a bit dramatic. But you can definitely tell we got serious about homeschool, organization, and we also took care of a few of emergency preparedness items!

Can we just get a moment of silence for the teachers who go in and teach our kids every single day of the school year? Seriously, you guys are the true heroes. I spent more money on alarm clocks (love this hexagon one and the one linked below) and workbooks than I think I ever have before.

But we did get some fun games and kitchen items (I think I bought like 3x’s as much Pamela’s baking mix) to make our lives a bit easier. If with extended shipping times and a lot of stuff being unavailable, Amazon once again came in clutch!

My April Amazon Purchases

1) Instead of spending $40+ on a tumbler for my kids, I grabbed these ones that came highly recommended. They’re super fantastic, come in a ton of colors, and I won’t be too heartbroken when my kids inevitably leave it somewhere.

2) Homework about did us in during quarantine but having alarm clocks helped. I tried 2 or 3 but this one was great because even Jett could tell how much time he had left. It also was nice to know there was an end in sight. I think we were all counting down the time each day.

3) I don’t know about your kids but mine are obsessed with putting stickers on everything. So we have a rule – they earn ’em and can only stick them on their stuff like their new tumblers! These are waterproof and I picked up these ones for the girls and these Pokemon ones for the boys!

4) This was actually a book Braun picked up (for his full list of books all about PMA and leadership check out this post). I borrowed it but haven’t had a chance to sit down and dig in yet. But I’ll definitely let you know once I’ve read it. It comes highly recommended!

5) Cheap thrills come in colorful packages and these little tablets are no exception. Drop them in the tub and your kids will have a blast playing in the colored water.


• • •

6) I got these new blue light blockers and I LOVE them!

7) Don’t let the cuteness fool you, this game is nuts and will make you very competitive. It’s a matching game but it’s harder than you think and perfect for all ages who read!

8) Maybe my strangest and best purchase in all of April. You attach it to the inside of your XOX pop containers and it keeps your brown sugar fresh! Genius! 

9) I wasn’t sure how Jett was going to take the whole “we’re staying home and not going to preschool” thing. Let’s just say he was my only kid who was disappointed to be missing out on school. This book saved me and he had so much fun going over his letters and numbers! I also grabbed this handwriting book!

10) Braun grabbed these 55-gallon water storage tanks so we are a little bit more prepared. I don’t know when they’ll come in handy but I feel better just having them. Strange how that works, yeah?

• • •

Xx Tara


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