Backcountry’s Semi Annual Sale

You know those times you’re shopping only out of necessity and then all of the sudden you find yourself 10 pages deep in a glorious sale that feels like it’s going to solve all your problems while simultaneously outfitting you in the winter wardrobe of your dreams for a fraction of the cost?


Well, that was me last night. I was actually doing a good deed.

It all started when I found this incredible jacket from last year on sale and so of course, I was doing my civic duty and telling you guys all about it on the ole IG. Then the next thing I knew, I was showing you boots, and coats, and loads of other stuff that was marked down ridiculous amounts. So I pulled back and decided that if I was going to pull those links, I might as well put them all here in a blog post.

And that way, everyone can enjoy the fruits of my labors. Because I can’t be, nay, don’t want to be the only one looking ridiculously good this winter. So without further ado, here are my picks from’s Semi-Annual Sale.


So, good news. The sale isn’t JUST winter. There are also some amazing summer favorites that are worth snagging to wear next spring and summer. And also when you escape the frozen tundra this winter and head to warmer temps. Brands like Sorel, Chaco, and my vacation favorite, Keens are all on sale and have some awesome options!

• • •


This is where the majority of the whole “Winter Wardrobe” thing comes in. Not only is my favorite jacket (and yours, if DMS, emails, and link clicks are any indication) on sale. But they have it in ALL the colors! Plus there is also a ton of options from my favorite brands: Patagonia, North Face, and Burton.

• • •


I wasn’t super overwhelmed with the bottoms/pants offerings but then again, I don’t spend enough time in pants that convert into short with the pull of a zipper to be a good judge. BUT, there are some super fantastic options for snow pants. And since we’ll most likely be stuck in our home states this winter, that means that all my Utah peeps should make sure they have snow gear that fits! And I am all about the bib/overall snow pant!

• • •

And if you find yourself to go a bit deeper down the rabbit hole, they’ve also got some great deals in: SWIMSUITS | DRESSES | TOPS | ACCESSORIES


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