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It’s #NationalLipstickDay, did you know? Well, it is. And while I don’t consider myself an expert on lipstick, I’ve got some strong opinions about the ones I wear. Lipstick is the one thing that pulls together every look, outfit, and mood — and is easily one of the things I get asked about most!

But with as many as I’ve got, decision fatigue is a real thing and I needed something to get me out of my rut! I asked and you guys, like always, came in and saved the day with your suggestions of lipsticks I needed to try.

So I partnered with Walmart and their “Here For Every Beauty” campaign to put your picks to the test!

Honestly, I’ll take any reason to talk lippies and it being #NationalLipstickDay, I thought it only appropriate that I share my top reviewed picks with you! And if you’re like me, and need something to shake up your same old look, KEEP READING!

I don’t have many rules when it comes to wearing lipstick…non-drying, compliment-inspiring, long-wearing…see? Not many rules. Haha But they do need to put in the work I do.

And I tried a LOT! But through thick and thin, burgers and snowcones (and every other imaginable summer treat), these ones came out on top!

#1 Recommended: Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Un-Nude Liquid Lipstick

Liquid lipsticks have come a long way in a few short years, yes? It used to be impossible to find one that would last all day, but now, these lip colors are hero products for many brands. Even when they did start coming out, they weren’t the greatest thing to be wearing all day (Lipsense?). But I definitely feel like that has changed – big time!  I found so many with full-coverage color, extra-long wear, and best of all, comfortable enough to wear all day!

Of all the ones I tried, this SuperStay by Maybelline takes top honors! It’s a thick formula that almost feels rubbery, but not in a bad or uncomfortable way, it’s just sort of springy. That doesn’t stop it from going on nicely, and once it’s on, it’s not going anywhere. I know every liquid promises stay-all-day wear, and most of them deliver, but this one is budge-proof in a way that the others just aren’t.



I need my lipstick to stay put all day, the only caveat being through a meal. Many lipsticks are supposed to last through a meal and they never do, which is fine, because honestly, they shouldn’t. Food contains oil and oils break down makeup, etc., but these? They’re probably the most food-proof lipstick I’ve ever tried. Again, if you’re eating wings or fries or anything oil-heavy, the formula won’t necessarily withstand that, but it will withstand a lot of what you put it up against. There are worse things than having to touch up your lipstick after a meal, but if you really want a lip color that doesn’t budge, this is the one. It’s so dependable that Layla recently wore it to the dentist and it didn’t budge her entire appointment! I’m telling you – this stuff is the real deal!


#2 CLOSE SECOND: Maybelline SuperStay Ink Crayon Lipstick

Lip crayons are fun. And cute. And adorable. And any other word you’d use to describe a beauty product that looks like an oversize Crayola. But they’re also really user-friendly! For all of you who think that lipstick is old-fashioned, lip crayons are for you!


They’ve got a simple application and opaque finish (not to mention how well they stay just like their sister product). They deliver the perfect amount of color, they hydrate, and you can apply them anywhere – even in a moving car!

And I find that the colors really complemented the liquid lipstick! If you are a liner girl, these are definitely for you. Again, long-lasting, never budging, perfectly colored lipstick. And can I just say, I prefer a matte lipstick? Call me crazy, but that way I can choose to add shine with a gloss or not. But starting with a matte gives me the option.


• • •

And last but not least…

#3 Rounding out the top 3: L’Oreal Paris Rouge Signature Matte High Pigment, Lightweight Lip Ink


With 20 available colors (up from their original 12), this one is definitely a favorite of mine and 6,437 shoppers at Walmart. Seriously, this was recommended by so many of you. And I totally understand why: It’s super lightweight and offers a “bare lip” sensation. Of all the ones I tried, this is the one that felt the most like I had nothing on.


I also felt (of all the ones I tried) that this had the most refined and grown-up color offering.

Its easy-to-apply wand has two functions – use the edge to draw your lip-line, then fill in with the broad flat side.

What I particularly like about this lipstick is the way you can layer it up. One slick gives you a beautiful stain effect (great for out-and-about daytime wear), apply two or more for a dramatic statement look.

The reason this one came in #3 is that I found it doesn’t stay the course when eating or drinking – one of my few rules for anything I wear. But it’s truly a great product with fantastic color!


So head to your local Walmart (or shop online) to try my picks above! And if you stumble across the holy grail of lipstick in your own journey, tell me in the comments below! I’m always on the hunt for something new!

Xx Tara

Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post! Anytime you need someone to try on lipsticks – I’m your girl!

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  1. Love this post. I’ve wanted to try the crayon ones. Now I think I will. I love colors that are between nude and dark basically the colors you chose:)

  2. The Maybelline SuperStay Matte Inks are amazing! Lover is my go to!!! I am super excited to try the crayon version!!

  3. I’ve been using the Revlon colorstay for the last year or so…so excited to try the others you recommend. You always have the best suggestions!!!


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