Budha Girl Bracelets

I get soooo many DMs asking about my bracelets! I’m sure you’ve seen them around on others, too… I really can’t believe these are back and trendy buuuut I really like them!!

The best part about them? They make z e r o noise. They don’t click or clank, they don’t jingle or make that annoying ding or dragging noise when you’re writing or typing… they are relatively silent.

Second best part about them? They’re basically life-proof. They’re called the All Weather Bangle for good reason. Remember the jelly shoes from back-in-the-day? They’re made from that same material and filled with coloring. They won’t fade at all, and you can keep them on 24/7.

They have a bunch of different colors. The color I’ve recently been wearing are the meteorite color, but gold is in this picture! I’ll link a bunch below… just tap each photo to shop.