Home Tour: Basement Bathroom

Is it done?? Nope.. are we getting closer? Absolutely!! Really all we need is handles/drawer pulls but for some reason I have the hardest time committing to that.. haha. Braun is getting pretty irritated that I can’t make up my mind and finish off the basement spaces but this room is the closest to being officially finished besides the gym + that is linked HERE.


Shower Walls -We went with the Cloe Ceramic Tile from Bedrosians but turned it vertical! There is hardly any space between the tiles + we just use white grout.

Shower Floor – We opted for this 360 penny tile from Bedrosians! It’s the matte charcoal color… We really loved the sheen on it. I hear it can be a major pain in the butt for staying clean looking without water spots but we haven’t had any issues.

Bathroom Floor – There is a few ways to lay this tile if you look at the site it’ll show ya. We liked the squares and the lines lining up with each other!


Fixed Shower HeadKohler 22170 is the part number for our fixed shower head, for matte black you’ll have to go to wayfair… but the other colors are available on Amazon.

Hand Shower Head – This is the Kohler 99243 and you can get it on Amazon in all colors! We have matte black. It’s got a bunch of different spray settings.

Faucets – These were a special order product and you have to buy the parts separate, kind of a pain – but worth it! Here is the faucet + here are the handles. I can’t find the handles in matte black anywhere for you, or the set that we bought 🙁 So here are these handles and I think they’re adorable and they’d match perfectly.

Hand Towel Bar – Although I don’t love towel bars for large towels, I love this one for hand towels!!

Towel Hooks – I much prefer hooks for larger towels. These hooks are the ones we have. They come in a pack of two! These are in our upstairs bathroom if you like square 🙂


Mirrors – Here are our mirrors! I’m sooo glad we went with these. I love the lip on them. They have like 5 or 6 color options available and multiple sizes – so measure your space! Ours are the matte black version.

Trash Can – Did you know that Braun replaced every small trash can in our house with these??? I have to admit, they’re pretty great.

Soap Dispenser – Loving the textures on this soap dispenser… I only bought the soap dispenser but it has matching toothbrush holder + canister.

Vase w/ Eucalyptus – Saw this pre-filled vase and had to have it!! I love adding greens to spaces, especially when they’re fake and I don’t have to take care of them haha.

TowelsThese towels are fluffy + comfy (not scratchy!!!) and super cute. I love the weft detail.

Hand Towels – perfect match to the towels 🙂

Rug – The color of this matches the designs on the towels! So cute.


If you haven’t had a bidet toilet before… you’ll never turn back once you do haha. Or the heated seat in the winter?? Magical. I know it’s spendy but it’s probably the only thing in your house you know you’ll use every single day multiple times a day. Sounds silly, but the toilets have totally been a great investment!


As always, Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore.