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You guys ask all the time about links or where something is from in our gym… right down to paint colors! Peloton vs. MYX Bike, Tonal questions, etc. I thought one place to house all of the info would be super helpful. I’ll give it my best shot, but I know I’ll probably forget something so be sure to let me know if there is something in here that you have questions on!

TV | TV Mount (similar) | Weight Bench (similar) | Weight Bench (not shown) | Fan | Trash Can

K, starting with the easy-ish stuff haha.. Paint!! All are Benjamin Moore colors.

Walls – Satin Sheen – Chantilly Lace (I have this color all upstairs as well! It is a perfect warm white..)

Trim Color – Semi Gloss – Chantilly Lace

Door Color – Semi Gloss – Armitage Grey

Mirrors were custom from a local guy (I am finding the info on that!) + the floors were installed by Lemco. The actual floors are this material here… they are rubber and they do have a smell but that goes away. We also had to get our floors leveled first and that was kind of a major pain, but worth it! Apparently our cement flooring guys didn’t know that a floor needed to be flat. Haha!

The TV is this Sony. It actually is $200 off right now! The TV mount wasn’t something we picked out.. it was just installed by our audio and video guys 🙁 So I really have no clue what that is. I wish I knew! It moves around and has been great. It is good for corner spaces since it comes down from the ceiling. This one from amazon is similar with full motion!

The weight bench is from Tonal.. we have really liked it! This one is similar.. it is flat just like the Tonal’s. We also have this bench, I’ll share a picture below.. Braun says it is really lightweight which he isn’t a huge fan of. . Here is the link to the Dyson Fan + the Trash Can! I really love the fan. We actually took it with us to St. George because our bedroom down there gets so hot and then it came right back home with us because our gym gets so hot too! It’s an air purifier too.

Here is the other weight bench we have!! This one is adjustable but it is the one that Braun says needs to be a little heavier.. he still likes it but he has made that comment a few times. (OOTD is linked HERE if you’re interested!)

We really love the Peloton treadmill. It’s been fantastic. We had the fancy NordicTrack one but gave it to my parents once we tried this out.. It’s soooo dang sturdy. It doesn’t make a ton of noise when you run either, the NordicTrack was great but you could hear every footstep + all the plastic stuff made a lot of noise. This doesn’t do that at all. It syncs with all of your Apple stuff, too. The Watch, the AirPods, etc! I will warn you that it’s a beast though, you won’t want to put it somewhere you have to move it again. I think they said that it’s like 500lbs, no joke..

We have elected to keep the Peloton bikes, and the MYX has been taken down to St. George.. I did a write up on the pros and cons of each when people would email me and ask what my thoughts were.. So here is what I would tell them..

Both of them are awesome bikes. If I could just choose one and money wasn’t an issue, I’d probably choose a Peloton. The instructors are addicting, hilarious, sometimes explicit (with class warnings) & the bike is just a smoother ride. I’m am madly in love with Cody Rigsby + Ally Love.. you can choose from whoever you want to take classes from, but they really keep me into it and coming back for more. Your Apple Watch hooks up to it so no need for extra heart rate monitors.. it syncs with your TV if you wanted to take yoga classes from the Peloton video base or what not… so it just has some extra bells and whistles that are nicer. Braun realllllly appreciates those types of things so it’s great for him. ALSO.. the MYX bike doesn’t show your current resistance or cadence as the Peloton does. Which is really handy to know if you’re working as hard as you need to be. The Peloton also has a setting to follow the instructors bike.. if they go harder, your bike automatically does. With that said, they both will give you an incredible workout. Incredible.  It’s so nice being able to do yoga, weights, cardio, dance, whatever you’re feeling that day with one machine AND You can do that with either. You can also click into both bikes with shoes which makes it feel sturdier too. On the Peloton, you can ONLY click into the foot pedals so you’ll have the expense of shoes too. Peloton has a spot for weights behind the seat too so there are lots of rides that call for weight intervals too. 

I do have a code for each..

Peloton referral code:


MYX discount code: 


If you end up with the Peloton, make sure you get the phone holder!! Either a neck fan, or a fan like this would be really helpful also. And since I know you’ll bust a major sweat.. get this towel.

Drink Cooler | Fiji Water

This was one of the best purchases we made for the gym room! We were also considering a water fountain in there but we ended up moving it last minute to the theater. Of course the fridge had to be filled with Braun’s favorite water!! I have it on subscribe + save through Amazon, of course!

Weight Rack | Foam Roller

The weights are Peloton.. You can use my same referral code: VXM3DV for them!

The weight rack is custom from a local duo who was INCREDIBLE to work with. They also did our railings and our any other metal surface in our basement. We basically showed them pictures of what we wanted and they killed it with everything beyond that! Call Czar with Empire Iron in Utah.

We have MANY foam rollers.. the one in the picture is this one. We also have the shorter version of it! These are both trigger point foam rollers + work really well. This one is also trigger point, but it’s a little more aggressive..

Tonal info is further down 😉

Tanktop | Leggings | Mat

I know this picture isn’t really in the gym.. but the yoga mat is still applicable haha! It’s from Lululemon. You can just barely see it in a few of the other pictures. Here’s a few of the other mats + yoga accessories we have.. because, options. These are definitely the superior towel!!

I’ve had these bands since March 2020.. it was one of the first things I bough when my classes shut down. We have the primary colors… but I juuuust saw that they came out in the cute new colors. I’ll most likely be repurchasing.. hah! These are identical to the ones they have in Orange Theory which was what I was used to. They’ve held up great!

We recently added a bosu ball for Emery’s physical therapy movements, buuuut, it’s proving to actually be a really amazing addition to the gym for other reasons! It’s amazing for balance and core strength. Orange Theory had those too and I always loved working out with them!

I know you’re probably waiting for a Tonal update, right!? haha. We are still LOVING it AND I finally got my hands on a discount code for you.

I seriously cannot say enough good things about this machine.. Since we’ve gotten it, it is the ONLY thing Braun has used. I think my favorite thing about it is that it comes with *everything* you could possibly need to use it. There’s no buying anything extra + you don’t need a whole lot of room to use it either. It learns YOU, and everything is customized to you. It corrects your form, it knows how much you can handle per move and works you up or down throughout your program. The programs are not as entertaining as the peloton people, but they’re constantly coming out with new ones and updating. Usually I put on a book or podcast and watch the screen, because all notifications show up there with whatever you need to do or change. You can also build your own workout! I think the resistance maxes out at like 200 lbs.. so I feel like it’s pretty useful for basically anyone. It comes with professional installation + a 3 year warranty, but also a 30 day risk free trial! They’re shipping MUCH quicker now, but we waited for quite a long time! There are partner workouts + kids classes.. we have to look into those more because my boys would LOVE that!