Christmas Gift Guide For Tweens/Teens

Man, I love these girls. Thailand was amazing but being gone for over 2 weeks was too long. I feel like they’ve already changed and grown from when I left them!

The past few months have been so much fun and they’re both at such great ages. Christmas shopping has probably been the most different for these two. I feel like their interests and things that are important to them change so frequently.

And it’s so easy to get caught up in the most recent trend or someone got something that they have to have right away…but I took a step back and really thought about my girls.

What do they constantly talk about? What are they stealing from my closet on a regular basis? And what will they be so excited to open on Christmas morning that they’ll use it right away?

Teens and tweens may seem difficult but trust me, they’re one of the easiest age groups to shop for. They are chatterboxes and are at the age where they openly dialogue about their likes, dislikes, and who’s crushing on who at school. So I pretty much know everything! haha

Check out my list below and if there is something I missed that you think needs to be shared with the rest of us moms, tell me in the comments below!

Christmas Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens
No 7 Tubular Mascara
Why does it seem like every mascara on the market either requires an act of Congress to remove OR gives the worst raccoon eyes if you even blink wrong?! This stuff solves all my smudging problems without requiring a medical procedure to remove. It’s tubing so with just a little warm water and a wash cloth, this stuff falls right off at the end of the day. This makes it perfect for my girls that are just starting to dabble in makeup and are lucky if they make it out of the bathroom without it all over.
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I was very hesitant to stray from my tried and true Clarisonic face brush but I wanted to try a less expensive option to take along when I travel. I got this for myself and plan to get one for Emery! It really is so great and check out how many great reviews it has!
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I don't know if this is just a girl thing but as we get older and have to take care of certain jobs: shaving our legs, periods, deodorant...those jobs become much more tolerant if the stuff we use is cute. And for a mom, doesn't create an eyesore. Plus, I want to have really healthy discussions about this type of stuff and these companies help by already starting the conversation. This isn't your mother's razor. This is a cool razor and the subscription that automatically sends you refills is great. It honestly is the best razor I have ever used.
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Just when I didn't think gadgets and gizmos could get any cuter and "I wish I was 14 years old again" they come out with THIS. It's a tiny instax printer that operates via bluetooth so your kids can take pictures with their iPhones and print them as polaroids via this small, handy printer. Seriously, who thinks up this stuff? Plus, it helps you to nail the color EVERY TIME.
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Hot Chocolate Maker
I really wanted to get my girls the old fashioned hot cocoa maker where you can see the liquid swirling about and is dispensed with a spout and then I remembered just how dang messy those are, finicky, and oh my goodness are they expensive! This one makes hot chocolate, plus froths your milk for the ultimate wintery treat. And it's simple for them to clean up (bonus points because then it won't be left for me!)
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Magnet Board
And because I don't want a million holes in my walls, I've decided to go the route of a magnet board for one of my girls. It's clean, simple, and will allow them to tack up as many of their new polaroids and dance memorabilia as they could possibly want. Plus, there's the added bonus of super cute magnets!
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Cork Board
Pottery Barn Teen
If your kid isn't the magnet board type and you want something a bit more decor friendly in their room, a classic pin board is the way to go. Pottery Barn arguably makes the best and have a ton of options that will mesh with your daughter's room. I love the idea of these boards because memory keeping is important and I want both of my girls to be able to look at things they love and remember with fondness often!
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Hydro Flask
Hydro Flask
It's this or they steal mine! I opted for the bottles instead of the tumblers for my girls because they are on the go so much! these are perfect for school, dance, hanging out with friends, and they can VSCO it up with stickers and everything else if they'd like!
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Jewelry Box
Totally succumbing to my love of containers and everything having a place, I couldn't pass up getting my girls these jewelry boxes. I have one for myself and love it! It keeps everything in one place and organized - two things that are almost impossible for teenage girls. Plus, it travels well!
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Cameo 4 Starter Bundle
Wait until Black Friday on this one! Crafting is something my girls would do 24/7 if I let them. We've had a Cameo 3 for years and after attending an event put on by the brand, we knew we needed to upgrade. We can make cards, decals, lettering for t-shirts. You name it, this thing can cut, color, and everything in between!
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Mechanical Pencils
You might be wondering why mechanical pencils are on this list but my girls (ok, and me) go gaga for GOOD writing instruments, paper, stickers - everything. Does it make it easier to take notes at school? Probably not. But does it make note taking just all around betterr? Totally. And that's really what it's all about, right?
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Hawaiian Sandals
Imperial Hawaii
known as "Jesus Sandals" these must be a middle school thing. When I was their age it was to let everyone know that you had been to Hawaii. Now, I think the kids wear them because they're just so dang comfortable! Another favorite of my girls and for $14, these can sit in the top of their stocking!
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Favorite Pens
Why is writing with a good pen so dang satisfying?! It's just one of those little luxuries in life that makes a mundane task disproportionately happier. Cheap, write so smooth, and are pretty to look at too - these pens are stolen by my girls all the time so for Christmas they're getting their own!
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This gift made it to the top of my list because it's the one where my kids are excited every time it gets delivered and they're learning as they play! Bitsbox is a monthly subscription that teaches your kids how to code. Made for kids ages 6-12 years old, each level introduces a new computer science concept with a set of crazy-fun app projects that come every month! My girls love doing these with Dahs and Jett - they all kind of pow-wow and do it together! This would be perfect for your kids (both boys and girls)! You'll never get two months the same and your kids build REAL LIFE APPS - it's kinda insane! And you can use code 'TARA20' for $20 off any subscription purchase of $50 or more!
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Echo Show 5 - Alarm Clock
We've got a Hatch Baby for the boys but Emery and Anisten will have none of it. They're practically adults now and moments away from going into massive amounts of school debt, making bad choices, marrying young, or getting something pierced. Maybe all of the above. KIDDING! That's just my over-exaggerated way of saying that my girls are moving away from the kiddie stuff and want things in their room that are more representative of the tweens that they are. These Echos are awesome because they display the time, the girls use them to set their morning alarms, and they can video call, message, check their calendar, the weather, listen to audiobooks, or their favorite songs on this thing. It's really convenient, affordable, and perfect for their ever-changing opinions and lives! Plus, you can save $30 when you buy two!
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Cable Clips
Home Management
My girls are constantly dropping their charging cords in that tiny, impossible space between their beds and nightstand and then they "can't find" their cords. I think it's that very spot that hides all their bobby pins, chapstick caps, and water bottle lids. It's basically a pit of despair. So this Christmas I am getting these in their stocking to they can stick them to the back of their nightstand to hold their cords in place!
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Cookie Class Cook Book
Jenny Keller
This book was made for my girls. It's a project book about cookies - it doesn't get more "my girls" than that! There are 120 different delicious dazzling treats in this book and teaches the reader how to decorate like a boss!
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Wool Socks
Don't underestimate the power of wool socks. Traditionally an old man gift, these socks are colorful, warm, will be worn with their new shoes when there is no snow, and are warm enough for them to wear skiing or snowboarding. Plus, they'll wear them around the house all winter!
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Vinyl Stickers
How to be a VSCO girl: 1. Buy these 2. Take lots of pictures holding trendy Hydroflask covered in these. 3. Edit the crap out of said pictures. 4. Repeat. These stickers are so cute! They're waterproof so they're great for water bottles, come in a pack of 60 pieces for only $8 and are so much fun. I love adding these to a gift for kids, teens, and tweens!
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Twinkle Fairy Room Lights
Twinkle Star
Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I admire you from afar! These decorative twinkle lights are the cutest! Emery saved up her $$ and bought them last fall. One set runs around her entire room and they have different modes too! Hang them in a tween or teen’s room and wait for the cool mom credits to start rolling in. Super fun little addition to decor! They also can be used on Christmas trees to give them a more glittery look or as decor. Who knew little lights could be so dang useful?
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Beading Kit
Beading has been one of our favorite things that we discovered this year and I'm so excited to stock up on some more beads for my girl's Christmas! But if you're a newbie, this kit is perfect. It comes with all the tools you need and for under $20!
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Hair Clips
This 20-piece hair clip set will ensure that your daughter has enough variation to last her quite a while. I've even gotten some for myself and love putting a cute clip in my hair to give myself some variation throughout the week. Remember Emery's hair-do list while I was in Thailand? These totally came in handy and will make the perfect stocking stuffer for your girls!
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Sweat Bands
I'm trying to start my girls off on the right foot when it comes to taking care of their skin. I've already got them started on my beloved TULA but these sweat bands will save your girl's arms, your counter tops, your floors, and everywhere water goes when a tween/teen washer their face. Nothing short of genius - these are total game changers and make fun stocking stuffers!
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These slippers have a very comfortable memory foam cushion that is almost an inch thick with a sturdy rubber sole and for $13, you just can't beat the price! You've seen me wear them often and my girls steal them all the time! They come in a ton of cute colors and are the perfect thing to leave outside my girl's door Christmas morning!
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These beanies really are the best. They have the best color selection, the best price, they're the perfect depth and can be worn a few different ways. They're also super warm! My girls are really into wearing these and I love that they're cute enough that my girls will wear them to cover up in the winter.
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Macrame Swinging Chair
Remember that time I bought this chair for my daughter's room and failed to buy the extender? We're going to go ahead and file that under #momfail. As entertaining as it is to see her spiderman herself up to her ceiling level chair, do yourself a favor and order this pretty chair AND the extender. Perfect gift for any kiddo on your list - who wouldn't want a swing in their room?!
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Embroidered/Braided Bracelets
I only buy the most high class, expensive jewelry. Like these bracelets that come in pack of 12 for less than $11. Fancy, I tell ya! I bought these for my girls for Christmas and I've since bought 3 more packs! They are the best to add to presents and for my girls to give to their friends. Cant beat the price and they are pretty dang cute!
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Comfy Sherpa Blanket
Barefoot Dreams
I found these on sale and they aren't going to last long! They're $49.97 and they have been at the top of my girl's wish lists for a few weeks. Every kid should have their own personal blanket and these are the perfect ones for mine. I know there are less expensive ones on Amazon, but for the price, these are the best! Plus, I know they'll hold up.
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Glowy Lip Balm
I love these lip balms for my girls! The cuter, more pocket-friendly version of my favorite lip mask and they come in 4 fun flavors and tints! These are the perfect stocking stuffer!
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Illustrated Harry Potter
J.K. Rowling
I may not have read them but my kids are obsessed. And I don't care how old you get, pictures are always a bonus. These capture the imagination unlike other books my kids have read and I love having these illustrated versions so all my kids can gather round and enjoy!
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99% of my kids school walks around with this backpack. They all LOVE it and I have to say, I think its pretty dang cute myself! Plus, it comes in a ton of colors.
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Not If I Save You First
I asked both my girls what book they wanted me to recommend on here and this was both of their responses! They loved it!
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Bum Bag
I have owned way too many bum bags over the years and this is one I reach for again and again so Emery is getting this for Christmas! It is the perfect no fuss bag and I love the style.
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Deep Waver
Bed Head
I love how these wavers are coming back in style! This is an affordable one that your girls will love!
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Toiletry Train Case
This is already wrapped at my house! I love the size of it.. it isn't too small but isn't too big. Perfect for the amount of things my girls like to bring along with them on trips!
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Clear Bags
We all use these in this house! We use them as toiletry kits that we put in backpacks, I shove them in my purse filled with things, etc! Grab a few! These come in a 3 pack and come in so many colors.
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These are probably my girls most worn shoes they own. Same with their cute friends! We love Vans at our house!
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  1. I already got the Cookie Class book for my 11 year old daughter who is obsessed with baking and I also bought a set of silicone baking mats from Costco to go along with it. My daughter is going to love this!


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