Christmas Gift Guide For Men

We love spoiling our favorite man of the house! Men, no matter their particular interests and hobbies, are generally a pain in the butt to shop for. But there’s a skill to choosing gifts for men that’ll help you select something the guy in your life might actually like—and that he hasn’t already gone out and bought for himself. Braun is the type who buys what he needs as it comes to him so he tends to be difficult to surprise!

It’s no mystery that I love giving gifts that are useful and will be loved for years down the road. But this list is more about variety and has a little bit of something for every type of guy on it. So choose your “WOW” gift and then supplement it with some of the smaller, everyday items!

Plus, there are also some items that would be perfect for his stocking.

I used to never know what to get for Braun’s stocking but over the years I’ve learned a thing or two. Tweezers are the type of gift you can give every year. Either they go missing, get bent, or take some other type of beating!  I like to pair them with a nice set of nail clippers (toe and finger), or a mini Maglite (perfect for keeping in the glovebox – so handy!).

And make sure you wrap them! It makes the gift opening last a lot longer and let’s be honest, stockings are the best part of Christmas.

Even if you feel like your guys has everything he could possibly want, you can’t show up empty-handed on Christmas morning — even if he swears he doesn’t want anything this year (yeah, right). So picking something on the rare, experiential, or super thoughtful side is the way to go for a truly good gift for him.

However daunting the task might seem as we head into the holiday season, believe me, it can be done. Seriously. Whether you’re searching for a great gift idea for a husband, a dad, a boyfriend, or any other man who’d appreciate something unique and thoughtful. These are some of the best gifts to get your guy, from sneakers and earbuds to obsess over when he finds them under the Christmas tree!

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