Christmas Gifting with BarkBox

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This picture is so deceiving! By far the most mischievous member of our household, leading up to Christmas, has been Pennie! I got her’s and Goldie’s present a few weeks back and I swear this girl has puppy-present radar. She’s been nosing around my office and has attempted to steal her gifts early.

But I don’t blame her. My kids have the same problem! When you’re that excited about a gift, it’s hard to wait. But I knew I had found the perfect gifts this year and if you’re stumped about what to get your furry family members this holiday season, I have just the thing!


This year I made holiday shopping for Goldie and Pennie super simple. I got a subscription box from BarkBox and judging by Pennie’s enthusiasm, this may be the one gift this year that I totally nailed. BarkBox is a monthly subscription that’s a mix of toys and treats tailored to your dog. And each month is a new theme! Last month was dedicated to the movie Home Alone and this month’s theme is Peanuts!

Ah yes, these pictures are much more accurate!

What Comes In a BarkBox?

As I said, BarkBox is a subscription box. BarkBox offers 1, 6, and 12-month plans. And you can save money by getting a longer subscription:

  • 1 month: $35/box
  • 6 months: $25/box
  • 12 months: $22/box

And each BarkBox comes with:

  • two (2) unique toys created by dog-loving designers
  • two (2) full bags of all-natural treats
  • and one (1) delicious chew

No two BarkBox are ever the same and they’re all themed! You can check out this month’s box HERE. It’s got a full list of what might come in your box from a fuzzy Woodstock to a toy with a classic Charlie Brown saying!

How Does it work?

Each BarkBox is totally tailored to your pup. There’s a short questionnaire where you get to brag about your dog. Then the dog-lovers at BarkBox create and curate a box just for them, with toys designed for their size and play style. And don’t forget about the treats! They’re guaranteed to make your dog drool!

And each month your dog or dogs get a BarkBox that shows them just how much you love them (and will give you an excuse to toss some of the older, slobber-filled stuffed animals your pup just won’t let go! And if your dog just can’t get enough toys you can upgrade to our Extra Toy Club. It’s a bonus toy in every box, for just $7 per month.

BarkBox’s gift to you

Make Christmas shopping EASY this holiday season and sign up to get this special edition Peanuts BarkBox! When you subscribe now, you’ll get this exclusive theme, and the Charlie Brown Snowman toy for FREE + the people at BarkBox are going to throw in an extra toy FREE each month! That’s $60 of free toys!

Grab one for your furry family member or gift it to a friend.

Happy Shopping!


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