Currently Loving – Urban Outfitters

Linking all of my current favorite Urban Outfitters items below… Just tap any of the pictures to shop! 🙂 I’ll highlight a couple of my faves below:

These sneakers were the best in Disney. Insanely cute, insanely comfortable. Emery and I are apparently sharing them because every time I go to snap a pic for you guys they’re missing! I wore them to Disney and my feet never hurt all weekend.

We have both the white and light blue version of this jacket.. clouds + peace signs! It’s super cute. You can barely tell that they’re patterned unless you’re really looking.

This tiger oversized tee is super cute. You could totally pair it with leggings and those cute doc Martens. It’s long enough to be a dress, but it’s still kinda short.

The rest of the things are all on my wishlist… I want them all in the worst way! I’ve ordered some, so I’ll update this blog post as soon as I get them and take pics! 🙂