Craft time for BOYS!

Partnership with WalMart

Honestly, it’s the story of our life… we walk into a store to find activities and the girls find 1074359843092834 things to do and the boys look at me like “what do I even pick”… Everything is always super cute, don’t get me wrong, but super cute, pinks, purples, pastels, beading, bracelet kits, nail polish + bath bomb kits, etc do not interest my boys. I feel like we literally have to dig through aisles of things to find something they’d like. Anyone else?? Que, WalMart. There are still a ton of girlish items to sift through, but I can always find something for the boys online at WalMart.

Perler Beads

Okay, these Perler beads are honestly some of our favorite things. Yes, they’re messy. Yes, they’re kinda a pain in the butt to iron and I screw it up more often than not, but everyone in our house participates for hours and hours. The brand has also come out with some great organizational items too. We always get the big mixed kits plus some of the themed kits! You can also buy them by color now, which is helpful for organizing. I’ll link a bunch below.

Organization trays – I bet these are awesome for keeping everything sorted out

Avengers set – definitely had to grab these for the boys!!

Tweezers – these make it really easy for taking out a bead to put in an eye beed, or teeth bead (see Dino pic for reference, haha!) Sometimes fingers are just too fat

Glow in the dark beads – these are pretty cool to make fun designs that glow in the dark

Individual color packs – ya know, a few years ago this definitely wasn’t a thing… you had to dig through the whole mixed bucket for that one freaking color blue bead for an eye. This is perfect if you want to organize them individually.

Extra boards – most kits come with 1-2 boards, but with 4 kids and lots of friends, it’s nice to have extras.

I’ll link the rest below:

Dinosaur Kits

Maybe I think these would be amazing because my dad is a geologist, butttttt I bet my boys would have so much fun with these different Dino kits! There’s a little bit of everything in here craft wise.

Dinosaur Soap Lab – this is a super fun alternative to all the bath bomb kits out there!

Dino Models – These are sooo cool!! You basically make modeling clay Dinos over their actual skeletons.

Dinosaur Lantern – if your boys still like a little light in their bedrooms at night, these are a really fun option for them to make their own!

Dinosaur Mini Garden – Super fun little craft and your boys can learn a little responsibility with watering their garden, too! This one is also really cool, it’s got a volcano and LED lights!

Dino Painting Kit – Paint a bunch of 3d Dinos and have your own clan!

Painting Kits

I feel like painting is always a hit in my house. We for sure typically do it outside because my boys get messy…They like them because they have full range of creativity and color. Some of these, like the stepping stones, would be the cutest gifts to give family members at the holidays for a fun DIY gift. In some of our little towns in Utah, they did the hide a rock thing and paint cute things or positive messages on them. It was so fun to find one. I’ll link them in a slider below!

This hydro dip custom skateboard kit is super neat. It’s a lot different than painting but I know Dash + Jett would love it. Have you ever watched hydro dipping videos?? Haha. So satisfying.

Other Craft Kits

Here’s a few more fun options I thought my boys would probably like!

Smarts + Crafts Brand Stuff

I shared about this amazing brand last month! 🙂 These activities were so fun for the boys. They asked me to pick up a couple more of the posable figures so they could play with them together. If you want more details on them – I have a whole blog post on it HERE.