Keeping the boys busy with WalMart

Partnership with WalMart

It’s hard to keep my two boys busy for extended periods of time, so I’ll take whatever I can get, when I can get it. They really love crafts but often times store-bought kits are “girly” or un-exciting for the boys… we found this brand, Smarts & Crafts that is exclusive to WalMart and the boys found lots of things they liked to do that kept them busy for quite awhile!

Window Art | Paint Sticks | Paint by Number | Smush Crayon | Paintable Alien

These are some of the items they picked! Tap the photos below to shop the Smarts & Crafts collection:

The paint by number was perfect for their ages. Nothing was too small and the painting and paints were clearly labeled + everything you need to do it was provided (except water)! This one definitely kept them busy the longest. It also came with this super cute carrying case that fit all of the pieces in it! Thank gosh for organization.

The only paint by number they have currently is this monster camping one! It’s super cute + definitely gender neutral.

I feel like we all have painted a sun catcher or two in our childhood, amiright??? haha. The boys thought these ones were so fun! They only have the robots. It comes with 6 of them, so it was definitely enough for the boys to split. You could totally paint them however you wanted.. just add water to make it more pastel, but it comes with “boy” and “girl” colors. They are still stuck to my window right now and I bet they will be there for awhile!

I might be bias, but I think these little robots came out pretty dang cute!! These definitely required some patience and attention, but it was nice that if they majoooorly “messed up” and did something they didn’t want to happen you basically can wash off the whole thing if it hasn’t dried yet or take a paper towel or baby wipe and clean off one area.

We haven’t busted into this Alien Explorer yet — but I think the boys will have a blast with it. They each got one. Basically, it’s got a lot of moving parts. You paint it to create your own alien action figure you can play with. They have a unicorn version of this that would be super fun too! I’ll link them both below, just tap the picture to shop!

That photo above shows the smush crayon, I didn’t really snag a close up but there a few options for them! I don’t even know how many crayons must be melted down into to one of these.. a lot! These are perfect for all ages (as long as your kiddos isn’t eating them, been there haha) and are a great way to learn colors + fine motor skills at once! We have the robot but the rainbow is cute!! They would make super cute stocking stuffers.

Fairy Tale Kit | Monster Kit

These craft kits are also adorable!! There’s sooo many different things that your kiddos could do with the contents of them. They come with general ideas, but really the point is for your kids to think and build all on their own.

I’ll link a ton of their stuff here!! you can tap any photo to shop – or THIS LINK will take you to the brand home page.