Cute, Comfy Sweatshirts for Fall

While many of 2020’s most-popular fashion trends don’t feel quite right for a life of time spent at home and social distancing (I definitely won’t be wearing neon eyeshadow or a tailored vest anytime soon…), there is one in particular that I’m currently very grateful for: the sweatshirt.

As an entrepreneur and mom of 4, I’m already a big fan of sporting my pajamas while figuring out zoom and doing conference calls from the comfort of my own abode. And now that every single event and gathering has been canceled from here to…whenever, I’m considering making this my everyday wear! Luckily, the sweatshirt happens to be a comfy PJ-adjacent look that’s appropriately conducive for wearing during a day full of important Zoom meetings — aka it’s still just as comfy but more elevated than the aforementioned “I literally just rolled out of bed” attire.

So here are my favorites!


Your basic crewneck

I love the basic sweatshirt – it’s classic, usually cut perfectly, and can be worn fitted or oversized. They’re also good to pick up in the men’s department if you can’t find in the women’s that you love! And if you’re looking for something that’s a bit different and could be dressed up or down, I love the quilting on the Patagonia one above!

• • •


Because I just can’t get over this trend! And neither can anyone else because these are the first sweatshirts to sell out! It’s also a great way to tie in color and have fun!

• • •


This has been my uniform the past few days and I’m not mad about it! In fact, I’m tempted to buy them in every color! These hoodies are super soft, roomy, and come in a bajillion colors!


And keep in mind that a lot of these sweatshirts have matching bottoms! Sometimes you’ve got to rock the entire suit!

• • •


Maybe you like your clothes to do the talking for you! I love a mix of sweatshirts that have band logos, fun words, or prints. It helps switch it up and is a great way to show your personality!

• • •


Last but not least, the oversized hoodie. Honestly the most comfortable piece of clothing I own! I love an oversized fit as they can be worn in so many different ways! Rock them with a pair of leggings (see below) or with your favorite pair of jeans. They can be layered with long shirts or jackets and are available almost everywhere you shop!



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