Easter Basket Gift Guide for Boys

Alright I don’t have older boys so here is my shot at the young-ish crowd. These are a lot of tried and true favorites amongst Dash and Jett and their buddies. I hope you can find something on here that your little dudes will love!

1. VANS – my family’s go to for shoes no matter how young or old. Shockingly, they always hold up to my boys’ antics.
2. DOG MAN BOOK – You guys know how much my boys love these books. This one is a new release
3. LEGOS – A building toy that keeps imagination flowing and kiddos busy.
4. READING LIGHT– Anything to make reading more fun for my boys I snag immediately. This reading light is great for taking anywhere
5. SUNGLASSES – I cannot count how many pairs of sunglasses my kids have lost or sat on by now, which is why I love these.
6. ALPHABET MAGNETS – These boards are perfect for learning letters, practicing sight words, reading and writing, you name it. We love to put a sight word up and have the kids write a sentence using it!
7. NERF GUNS – Always a favorite around here – pro tip: make a DIY target so you aren’t one
8. RC CAR – This one climbs walls!
9. FUSE BEADS – My kids love these! These are amazing for hand eye coordination. To be honest?? I sit down and do these too!
10. ANTS & FARM – I will say this was one I was the most reluctant to purchase…but 100% worth it and super cool to see the farm evolve. We were all checking the progress daily!
11. PICASSOTILES – If you’ve been here for awhile, you KNOW these are a hit in my house. I won’t say they keep the boys quiet, but they definitely keep them entertained for hours on end.
12. HOVERBOARD – I know this won’t really fit in a basket, but, it’s for sure a favorite around here and makes sure the boys get some fresh air or some fun away from the screen.
13. WALKIE TALKIES – Perfect for letting them venture out into the backyard or ahead on bikes/walks while maintaining contact! My boys also used them for imaginative games on different floors of my house.
14. SLIME KIT – another good STEM toy! Glow in the dark – super fun to play with outside at night! Keeps your house cleaner that way, too.
15. DINO EGGS – These are such a fun experiment and STEM toy. Dig for dinos!
16. MOM & ME JOURNAL – I will never not share this one. It’s so important to have some method of open communication, and sometimes writing it instead of speaking it is SO much easier. Love, love, love this so much.
17. BEAT THAT! Game – I just snagged this one for my family – I am 100% certain this will be the most requested game night game
18. BATH BOMBS – Anything to make getting cleaned up more fun I’m here for. These bath bombs are an easy way to make taking a tub desirable. They are primary colors and don’t fizz, smell weird, or have rings inside. Drop in a couple at a time to learn how to mix colors!
19. GOOSEBUMPS – my whole family loves these. They’re the softest blankets ever. The regular size is my favorite. Use code: TARA for 15% off
20. CAR TRACK TAPE – Just lay this stuff down and it’s an instant track for all those cars and trucks laying around!
21. FOOTBALL – Perfect for the backyard or the water and fun for the whole family.
22. CHOCOLATE CONTROLLER – everyone needs a little chocolate for Easter, this is a good way to give one piece and have it be enough