Easter Basket Gift Guide for Girls

I can’t believe I’m not shopping from this list for my girls anymore…time flies. Here are things they love, loved or things I would totally choose for little girls! Hope you can find something on here for your kiddos.

1. VANS – my family’s go to for shoes no matter how young or old. Every little girl needs cheetah in their life, it’s a fact.
2. NECKLACE – I love that this necklace is cute enough for littles, but also adult enough for moms to match. We all love a good mom and me match! Savor it while you can, they won’t always want to be cool like you.
3. SCRUNCHIES – another trend I never thought I’d see again, but here we are! These are perfect because they don’t pull hair when you take them out.
4. ROCK PAINTING KIT – Anything to keep those hands and minds busy is a win in my books. We love painting rocks and hiding them around town to make people smile. It’s a good way to contribute to community!
5. SUNGLASSES – I cannot count how many pairs of sunglasses my kids have lost or sat on by now, which is why I love these. Inexpensive and cute!
6. ALPHABET LETTER MAGNETS – These boards are perfect for learning letters, practicing sight words, reading and writing, you name it. We love to put a sight word up and have the kids write a sentence using it!
7. PRE-FILLED EGGS – These cute eggs are filled with different unicorns, every little girl’s dream, right??
8. FAUX BIRKS – We absolutely love the real deal now that the kids feet don’t grow as quickly, but these are our favorites for littles! Bonus? Spray them off with a hose if they’re gross. You can’t do that with real ones.
9. RED ASPEN – I love that these nail dashes come in all sizes and are safe enough to put on little girls! Mix and match boxes to make a few cute sets. If your little ladies have tiny nail beds, get the petite size!
10. UMBRELLA – Don’t get caught in the rain without an umbrella…save that cute hair style! Folds up small so you could keep in the car or entry way, comes in three super cute patterns.
11. BUTTERFLY CLIPS – Feeling a little nostalgic now that these are coming back in style. My girls love these, and I do too. They come in two color ways, can’t go wrong with either.
12. HATCH AND GROW EGGS – a fun little science experiment for your kiddos! Hatch and grow a bunny, duck and chick in water!
13.GARDEN KIT – the brown thumb in me wishes that someone gave me this as a kid when I was younger. They get to decorate the tin and grow their plants! This is an awesome way to teach responsibility without getting a pet
14. FAUX BIRKS – diffèrent colors and larger sizes here, plus potential local pickup if you are a last minute mama.
15. SLIME KIT – another good STEM toy! Glow in the dark – super fun to play with outside at night! Keeps your house cleaner that way, too.
16. GOOSEBUMPS – my whole family loves these. They’re the softest blankets ever. The regular size is my favorite. Use code: TARA for 15% off
17. INVISIBLE INK PENS – Goes along with the journal in here, or stand alone. Who doesn’t love a good secret?! (Especially girls!!)
18. BATH BOMBS – These unicorn bath bombs have jewelry inside. The scents are amazing too
19. STICKER PENS – These things write only in super cute stickers. My girls would probably still spend hours dragging these across paper if I bought them for them again. It’s a 5 pack!
20. MOM & ME JOURNAL – I will never not share this one. It’s so important to have some method of open communication, and sometimes writing it instead of speaking it is SO much easier. Love, love, love this so much.