Easter Basket Gift Guide for Tweens & Teens

Let’s hope my girls don’t look at this – because I’m totally grabbing them a couple of Easter Basket stuffers on here. Most of these are things they already have and love! Hope these are helpful for shopping for your tweens/teens!

1. CAMERA – These are a dang good investment for your kids. My girls love them and use it constantly. This one comes in 6 colors.

2. VANS – my family’s go to for shoes no matter how young or old.

3. NECKLACE – cute and dainty, my girls love necklaces like these.

4. STICKERS – for laptops, cups, you name it. Lots of cute options in this set of 100.

5. TUMBLER – Stays cool or warm for extended periods of time and has cute prints

6. RED ASPEN NAILS – These last for two weeks and are better than a salon mani! $13-15 and each box usually gives two full sets. Lots of options – I usually grab my girls two or more boxes so they can mix and match patterns and solids however they want.

7. CAMERA CASE – Holographic/Iridescent and made for the camera on this list. I love that this is trending again

8. LIP VASELINE – This is super hydrating and tinted a very soft pink

9. FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS – these ones are waterproof so they won’t get super gross this summer!

10. BUTTERFLY CLIPS – Emery has these and insists they are a must-have

11. JEWELRY CASE – keep the overflow of jewelry in one place. These are super high quality and great for traveling. My girls are going to be super excited over these.

12. GOOSEBUMPS – my whole family loves these. They’re the softest blankets ever. The regular size is my favorite. Use code: TARA for 15% off!

13. BEAD KIT – Just for fun, or they could open a little side biz like my girls have!

14. LOOPY CASE – We all use loopy here. Protects the phone well and also provides a little extra drop protection with the loop on the back. They just released some new ones and they are super cute!

15. SILLY PUTTY – a sensory favorite, I love that this stuff is still around

16. BEAUTY BLENDERS – Cheaper price, same quality as the real ones

17. CAMERA BAG – Store and carry it in style while making sure it’s protected

18. CAMERA PRINTER– Made for the camera on this list! Save those memories. My girls have them printed and hung everywhere. This comes in four colors.