Easter Basket Gift Guide for Teen Boys

Man, this was a tough one for me to make! I haven’t had much experience shopping in this category but I think a teen boy would be pretty happy!!

  1. Changing Poncho – This is seriously awesome for anyone who can fit. This is what I’m getting my girls and I’m still on the hunt for smaller, quality ones for my boys.
  2. Backpack Speaker – got these for my girls for Christmas and all their friends (and my boys) thought they were so cool! It’s also waterproof.
  3. Tevas – these are perfect for summer adventuring!
  4. Troomi Phone – A phone with controls that actually cannot be overrode.. I love these for teens.
  5. Zit Patches – we all know that with teen years comes puberty and acne, my girls and I swear by these.. Dash + Braun have even stole a couple time to time. Code: TARA20 will save you 20%.. plus treat yourself mama! haha.
  6. Crocs – if you saw the door of my house in the summer, you’d think the whole state of UT owned crocs and were at my house. I have no idea how they all told each other’s apart.. white is the fan fave.
  7. Camelbak – another really great gift for adventurers.. this one is super light weight and there are a few color options. Perfect for hiking, biking, you name it. Try code TARABC15 on this one! (might have to use a new email)
  8. Sun Hat – I promise they’ll think this is cool once they’re not getting sunburns. It’s a really inexpensive way to make sure they’ve got sun coverage because we all know teens probably aren’t applying sunscreen every few hours like they’re supposed to.
  9. Portable Charger – no reason they can’t stay in contact if they’ve got one of these 😉
  10. Nerf Football – awesome for playing outside and in the water
  11. Belt Bag – another awesome bag for adventuring or just running errands. Perfect if your guys plan to hit an amusement park or something this summer!
  12. Basketball Hoop – add this to their bedroom.. they’ll thank you for sure!
  13. Tall Socks – is this a guy things?? My girls would never, but I swear the taller the socks the better the day my guys have.
  14. Charging Station – does anyone else hate cords everywhere?? This is a great way to put them all together, so teens aren’t constantly searching for cords at home.
  15. Wallet – My girls actually really love this brand’s lanyards too, this wallet is awesome for teens.
  16. Nike Duffle Bag – great for over nights or day trip packing, sports gear, etc
  17. Swim Trunks – we really love this brand in this house! sooo many cute options.
  18. Controller Neon Light – if your kiddo is a gamer, this is a must. Inexpensive on amazon too!
  19. Amazon Tee – Braun loved this tshirt for years!! I recommend this to everyone.
  20. Birkenstocks – Awesome summer shoe!
  21. Skip Ball – this is sooooo fun for all ages!! One of our faves.
  22. Cologne – A few recommendations for this one when I asked some friends!
  23. Stanley – you know this is a fam favorite for us over here.. my kids love the 20oz for day to day, but summer is coming so the 30oz might be nice.
  24. Dress Socks – these would be perfect for dress or daily wear socks.. they’re my favorite brand!
  25. 10 ft Phone Charger – a good inexpensive basket filler, and take it from me, extra chargers around are necessary…
  26. Gamer Chocolate – Fun idea for a gamer
  27. Hookey Game – My kids + anyone who hangs with them could play this for hours.
  28. Toilet Light – MAYBE this will stop the middle of the night seat pee-ers??
  29. Slides – good for the beach, pool, etc this summer!
  30. Nail Clipper Set – It’s never too early to teach them how to take care of themselves.. Braun bought this for EVERY guy in our family this year at Christmas.
  31. Fishing Net – for those outdoorsmen!! My boys love this for our little pond.. it is awesome for every age.
  32. Stacking Cups – my whole house is now obsessed with these… even Braun and I get in on the action to see who’s the fastest.
  33. Thread Lanyard – Perfect addition to the wallet from above. They have matching patterns!
  34. BONUS — these joggers + this sweatshirt didn’t quite fit in the graphic, but might be worth the purchase!