Easter Basket Gift Guide for Teen Girls

A compilation of all my girls faves or things they’re wanting!! 🙂

  1. Polaroid Camera – this will probably be on every single teen gift guide ever… my girls have this and are obsessed.. I don’t see that ever ending. Emery has a huge wall full of fun polaroids. It’s awesome.
  2. Troomi Phone – A phone with controls that actually cannot be overrode.. I love these for teens.
  3. Hair Elastics – these are the best, and don’t crease your hair. A ton come in a package. Code TARA will work always at Kitsch! 🙂 There’s some other goodies on there from there too!!
  4. TULA Cleanser – Your girls are probably at the perfect age to introduce skin care and create a routine with them.. TULA is a super safe bet. My girls love the Cult Cleanser. My code with them is: TARA for 15% off.
  5. Shine Lip Gloss – Shine is made with good ingredients — we love their glosses! Obviously Bloom + Goals are personal faves, plus all the velvets since I helped create them!! Code TARA will always get you 10% off there.
  6. Stanley – you know this is a fam favorite for us over here.. my kids love the 20oz for day to day, but summer is coming so the 30oz might be nice.
  7. Goosebumps Blankets – We ALL have these and travel everywhere with them. They’re awesome. The regular adult size is our fave. Code: TARA will save you 15%
  8. Birkenstocks – This style birks is our favorite for summer! Totally washable and pretty much indestructible.
  9. Huggies – These earrings sit sooo good on my girls and I! They’re awesome.
  10. Brixley Crossbody – My girls love this. They both have them in multiple colors. Code: TARA10 will work on their site! 🙂
  11. Lululemon Belt Bag – I cannot say enough amazing things about this bag.. Anisten has the hot pink one and loves it too!
  12. Changing Poncho – This is seriously awesome for anyone who can fit. This is what I’m getting my girls and I’m still on the hunt for smaller, quality ones for my boys.
  13. Sunglasses – these are cute + from amazon, chances of them getting lost/broken with a teen are high.. so these are cheap enough to not really worry about them after you buy them haha.
  14. Smiley Face Slippers – my girls wear these all the time! I got them for Emery for her birthday and Anisten immediately wanted a pair.
  15. Red Aspen Nails – Anisten and I share a box! $15 for 1-2 manis.
  16. Kitsch Sleep Mask – these are silk and super awesome. I got these bundled with the silk pillow cases for my girls a couple years ago and have been shopping with kitsch since. Code TARA will work always at Kitsch! 🙂 There’s some other goodies on here from there too!!
  17. Swim – my girls both have THIS TOP in cream dots and olive and THIS TOP, plus I’m grabbing them THIS top this year. For bottoms we really love coral reef swim.. they have complete full coverage! The leisure bottoms is what they’ve currently got! They have SO many cute options, though.. my code should auto apply through THIS LINK! 🙂
  18. Lash and Brow Kit – this takes some patience but Em LOVES using this!
  19. Nike Air Force 1s – What is up with the Nike sell outs lately?!?!? ugh, I’m sure these will be mostly gone by the time you see the link but Anisten also has this cute pink pair.
  20. Bathpack Hair Oil – my girls love this for their hair, especially Emery! Also, teach your kids to love their hair and take care of it.. they’ll thank you later! Code TARA10 will save you 10%
  21. Beach Towels – We’ve been trying out these beach towels for Geometry and I’m hooked.. Braun asked if he can replace all the towels in the house with these.. they pack up so small and are super absorbent! Code TARA will currently save you 20%, it kicks back down to 15% on Friday.
  22. 10 ft Phone Charger – a good inexpensive basket filler, and take it from me, extra chargers around are necessary…
  23. Fjallraven Mini Backpack – please no one tell Anisten that they released cute new colors, because I’ll for sure be begged for them haha!
  24. Kitsch Hair Towels – These hair towels are the best.. they work awesome for long thick hair like my nieces or shorter hair like mine and everything between! Code TARA will work always at Kitsch! 🙂 There’s some other goodies on here from there too!!
  25. DIME Wonderscreen – teach your girls about sunscreen. The purpose and why it’s so important.. plus the difference between good and bad sunscreen. Code: TARA20 will work at DIME!
  26. Butterfly Claw Clips – call me crazy, but I really love that these have made a comeback.
  27. Shorts – Emery’s all time favorite denim shorts, and honestly one of the few pairs that fits her correctly
  28. Pillow Slides – have you tried these yet?? Sooooo comfortable..
  29. Electric Nail File Kit – Grabbing this for the girls..
  30. Thread Wallet – perfect for teens, my girls love this brand.
  31. Thread Lanyard – goes with the wallet above! So many cute options.
  32. Hair Tinsel – I still need to show my girls using this, but they have LOVED it!!
  33. Gel Nail Light – my girls really love doing all their friends nails and setting up shop! Grabbing this for them.
  34. Gel Polish Set – These colors are so cute! Grabbing for the girls.
  35. Scalp Scrubber – these are awesome for eliminating scalp build up and a good massage.. again, your teens are perfect age to teach them all the things!!
  36. Sun Hat – I promise they’ll think this is cool once they’re not getting sunburns. It’s a really inexpensive way to make sure they’ve got sun coverage because we all know teens probably aren’t applying sunscreen every few hours like they’re supposed to..