Easter Gift Guide for Teen Boys – 2023

Goosebumps Blankets – The best lightweight blanket. Folds up super small and is perfect for traveling. Code TARA to save! I get the large size for older kids.

Thread Wallet – This is the perfect wallet for teens. They don’t have a ton to carry around so this works great.

Fishing Net – Remember how my boys like to catch crawdads in the pond by our house with their bare hands? Yeah this net would come in reallllll handy for that.

Groom Kit – Hopefully this will get put to use, comes with all the essential. If you have a boy going to college soon, this is an awesome set.

Lanyard – These ones are great and come in a lot of different colors and designs.

Reese’s Eggs – Ugh. Why are these so much better then the original reese’s cup?! I could eat them all day long.

Pickle Ball Set – We love playing as a family! It’s so fun to be able to get outside and active together.

Mighty Patch – Acne is the worst at all ages, but it seems like the end of the world as a teen. These are great at clearing up pimples quickly. My girls and I use them on the daily.

Patagonia Sling Bag – A super sleek bag, Braun has a similar one that he loves. Holds a lot too.

Andar Airpods Case – Genuine leather and soooo nice. This is what Braun and I use! They recently come out with one that have clips too. Code TARA will get you free shipping with a purchase of $59+.

Air Tag + Key Ring Case – These are super handy if your kids have a tendency to loose things!

Crocs – My boys still love crocs. I have to admit, they are mega comfortable! Love that they are waterproof too.

Changing Poncho – My boys have had these for years! They are towel material so you can dry off with them and they are big enough to change clothes underneath too.

Stanley – The big jugs are nice for sports! I personally love the tumbler for everyday use.

Spike Ball – This game can get pretty intense. Super fun for outdoor play with friends to get them OFF their phones.

LuluLemon Belt Bag – This is a great option for the boys! It’s a different material and has some different features.

Swim Trunks – If your boys grow like mine do, they need new swimsuits every freakin year!

Car Litter Bag – Hopefully your boys keep their cars cleaner than their rooms.. haha This is the perfect solution for all the random trash that accumulates.

Supergoop Glow Screen – My girls and I use this all the time in the summer! It’s so great.

Troomi Phone – This phone is amazing. You can set controls on it to be higher or lower based on your preferences. The girls have had these and it was the best starter phone. Code TARA saves ya!

Popdarts – Okay this game looks super fun and I’ll def be getting it for our fam! Easy for all ages to play and I’m sure we will get crazy competitive haha.

Skip Ball – Another fun game. This one is for the pool/ body of water.

Crossbody – A little bit bigger then the Lulu one!

Speaker – I shared about this on my Christmas gift guides! It’s the most durable speaker and has quality sound.

Birkenstocks – I wear my birks all summer long and they will last your boys years, if they don’t grow out of them. They are waterproof, so perfect for the pool!

Hammock – Can I get this for myself? haha Great quality and great price.