Easter Gift Guide for Teen Girls – 2023

All things that Emery and Anisten love! I’m sure your girls will too!

Belt Bag – I use this pretty much everyday, especially in the summer when I don’t want to lug around a big purse. It’s great for your girls because they typically don’t have to carry a lot of stuff, and this holds a good amount!

Makeup Brushes – I bought these for Anisten for her birthday and she has really loved them.

Compact Mirror – This is awesome for traveling. It has built in lights for those dark hotel rooms. We use ours for cheer competitions.

Bloom & Bliss Affirmation Cards – I have these on a few of the gift guides, they are SO GOOD. The perfect stocking stuffer and the designs are so cute! Teens sometimes just need a good reminder that they are awesome! Code TARA saves you 20%!

Dior Lip Glow – I know, I know DIOR…. but I promise your girls will love this! It’s the best lip gloss ever, we all use them and the colors are so good. Code TARA23 for some complimentary stuff with a purchase of $125 or more.

Geometry Beach Towel – These are the best towels. The fold up super small so they are easy to travel with and are super absorbent. Code TARA for 15% off.

Crossbody – A great option that isn’t necessarily a belt bag! Emery loves these!

Stanley – The perfect summer color, and shockingly it’s still in stock (well at least while I’m typing this haha). You can’t go wrong with this tumbler.

Thread Wallet – These are the wallets my girls use. A great option if they don’t carry a ton of stuff around.

Lanyard – A simple one, but this is what Emery uses for her keys.

Shine Cosmetics – Whether they need eyebrow gel, lip gloss, BB cream, or any other makeup Shine has ya covered! I love their stuff so dang much. Code TARA save you 10% site wide.

Summer Friday Lip Mask – Emery’s favorite. It can be used as a gloss or as an overnight mask. Super hydrating and some great color options.

Rubber Birkenstocks – I’ll be shocked if you see me in any other shoe this summer… they are pretty much all I wear. The new summer colors are rad too!

Baggu Dopp Kit – My girls are obsessed with these, they have some cute patterns.

Purse – Another one of Em’s faves. The strap is adjustable so you can wear it as a crossbody if ya want.

Lola Blankets – The softest blanket I’ve had the pleasure of feeling. I’ve bought them for the whole family so they stop stealing mine! They don’t shed and have great size options. Code TARA45 saves you 45%!

Brazilian Crush Cheirosa ’62 Bum Bum Hair & Body Fragrance Mist – Another great scent my girls love. I would describe and warm and cozy.

Car Litter Bag – A car essential. There are some cute patterns on the site that I’m sure your girls will love! Keep that random trash in one place!

Swim Top + Bottoms – Grabbing this one for the Anisten!

Scalp Massager – First off, it feels so dang good. Second, it gets your scalp MEGA clean.

Jewlery Case – Love this case to keep jewlery organized and not in random places.

Zit Patches – We go through these in the Thueson household like they are candy. They pull all the gunk out of zits, just slap one of these babies on before bed and boom it’s gone (or way smaller) by morning.

Candle Warmer – If you don’t want your house burning down because your teenager forgot to blow the candle out this is perfect! No flame, but still releases the scent. Here’s a candle that I love to go along with it!

Curling Iron – Originally bought this for Anisten and went back and bought myself the 1 inch and 1.25 inch. If you want tighter curls grab the smaller one! Typically there is a code on their site for an extra 30% off!

Cozy Confidence Heatless Curls – I shared about this on my stories and quite a few of you bought it! I was hesitant that this would work, but I LOVED the results. It’s comfortable to sleep in and the results are amazing. Code TARA10 for 10% off.

Red Aspen – They have recently come out with some super cute spring/ summer nails that my girls would love. Also, if they are wanting tanning drops, the ones they carry are super great!

Tula Skincare – This is what my girls use and it’s fantastic. They love the deep exfoliating scrub, purifying face cleanser, and the daily gel sunscreen. Code TARA saves you!

Weighted Heating Pad – This is a dream come true. Perfect for cramps or to just relax. Code TARA saves you 10%!

Gel Nail Art Brushes – Did you see my stories of Em doing a star on her nails?! These are the brushes she uses. Super fine tip and fun colors.

Cadbury Eggs – I feel like these are a no brainer… if they aren’t go try them yourself. SO GOOD.

Gel Nails Stuff – Don’t get me wrong, Red Aspen is the best, but sometimes girls want to do their nails! Here are the links to all the gel nail things. Light | Chrome Powder | Gel Polish | Gel Polish