Emery’s Bedroom Makeover Part 1

We’re living in a dust-covered, noisy house and have been for some time but for good reason! We’re getting our basement finished. But, we’ve also been making change upstairs as well! In fact, we wanted to show you what we’ve been up to so we partnered with Boll & Branch to bring you something totally fresh! Check out as we show you the first phase of Emery’s room makeover! And then head to Boll & Branch and use code 20TARA to get 20% off your entire purchase because their stuff is TO DIE FOR!

For those of you raising tweenagers, just a head’s up from your friendly neighborhood mom. There will come a point where they hate absolutely everything you’ve ever picked out for them.

I know. Shocking, right?

And at our house, we’ve had our fair share of change over the last few months!


As you may know, we’ve been finishing our basement for the last few months and we’re almost to the end! We have big plans for that space and one of the spaces I’m most excited to show you is our new bunk room! We finally found a builder that wasn’t going to charge us the GDP of a small country so as of today, we can still pay for Emery’s college. haha

But all this construction and change has given us ALL the bug to change our own spaces. Emery told me a couple of months ago that she didn’t like her room anymore (I tried not to be offended) and had some ideas for a new look. So after many weeks of her begging, and me partially getting my way, I’m excited to show you how we partnered with Boll & Branch to help make her room a more grown-up space!


See that wallpaper in the background? It’s being covered up. Emery’s idea is to take a bunch of polaroids and little by little, making a full wall of pictures that she takes. I love this personal touch! And while I’m a bit sad to be covering up this gorgeous floral, I definitely want her to feel like her mark is on this space in a big way.

While the wall will take some time, we did switch out a few things already that are purely cosmetic but definitely help change the room!

As many of you noticed, we switched out Emery’s bed from a queen to a twin. She’s barely had a chance to sleep on it but I’ll link at a later date if she loves it!

The other thing we switched out right away is her bedding. And this is where I was really surprised! This kid just wanted white. WHITE! Yes, she’s old enough that she’s not sleeping with slime anymore. But I did find a bag of chips (she wanted to make sure no one else ate them before our trip) and a drink under her bed! I was totally laughing.

But white is scary for a mom! Slime may not be an issue but now I have to contend with makeup and self-tanner. Which is one of the reasons we chose the bedding we did.

You guys know how hard of a time I had finding a duvet or comforter for my new bed late last year. But a few months ago I found both from Boll & Branch and I haven’t looked back! It’s big enough that it covers my entire bed, I’m able to tuck it under the mattress, and because of the texture/quilting, it doesn’t show dirt even though Pennie and Goldie are jumping on it all the time!

So when it came time to get Emery bedding, it was a no-brainer!

We basically doubled up on everything I got for my bedroom (except in Twin size) and also picked up sheets, a waffle blanket, and some additional throws in Pewter. Yes, it’s not white, but it will be a nice contrast once she has her picture wall completed + is doesn’t show dirt easily.

I really wanted to get her bedding that I knew would last. And what I’ve experienced with my own bedding, Boll & Branch just gets better with each wash! Plus, they’re better for her skin – she’s at that age now when keeping her skin clear is everything and these are such high quality!

They also have a few sheet styles to choose from but she really wanted “no-frills” so we went with the solid hemmed sheet set in both white and pewter. If you’re wondering how many sheet sets you should have per bed, it’s two. One on the bed and one in the wash/linen closet. Any more than that and you’re just stockpiling linens! This is also super easy for the kids to keep straight when doing their own laundry.


We also chose the comforter/coverlet over a duvet because we wanted her to be able to layer blankets. If you have a tweenager/teenager, you know how often they like to switch stuff up. So with the few waffle blankets we picked up, she can layer those and switch out her white sheets for pewter or vice versa to mix up the look of her bed!

They also have quite a few styles of sheets to match really any style! I think I’m gonna grab the eyelet or embroidered set for my own bed but haven’t decided yet! They’re the most incredible sheets, better than any I’ve slept on at high-end hotels, and they really do last. I’ve had sick dogs, sick kids, markers – you name it – and these sheets have totally come out the winner!

Honestly? I’m just excited to see this girl’s personal style come out. And by keeping her bedding neutral, it allows all those other personal touches she’ll add to really stand out and be the star!

There’s so much more we’ll be adding and I can’t wait to show you when it’s all finished + the bunk room in the basement. We’ve decided to go with Boll & Branch in the bunk room as well and I think you’re going to love the different look we’re going for down there!

And if you’re looking for some amazing gifts, I swear by these waffle blankets! They’re are so incredibly comfortable and they just get softer with every single wash! If you’re really wanting to impress someone, this is the way to do it! And remember: Use code 20TARA to get 20% off your entire purchase!!!

Xx Tara




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One Comment


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