Recipe: Medicine Ball

Remember that time I was at Disneyland with Layla and was basically on Death’s door with strep throat? Yeah, that week was a doozy! But, it was also the week I learned about the good ole Medicine Ball drink at Starbucks and I was instantly hooked! It makes your sore throat feel sooooo good!


Originally a “secret,” off-menu drink, it was officially added to the Starbucks menu in 2017. With the CoronaVirus and cold and flu season still upon us, this magic concoction is my drink of choice for at least the next few months. The fact that I can make it at home means I can sip it from the comfort of my couch instead of the drive-thru.


• • •

A former barista DM’d me the recipe and I ordered all the ingredients to make it at home and now you can too:

I think it’s always worth checking the secret menus at your favorite places to eat. A lot of times, things like the “medicine ball” are developed and asked for by patrons and then added to the official menus!

To make it at home, you’ll heat water and lemonade until steaming (but not boiling). And use it to brew both citrusy mint and peach tea bags. Sweeten the drink with a squeeze of local honey and you’re all set. This is exactly the type of drink you want to be sipping through the winter and any time you feel a cold or sore throat coming on!


• • •

It tastes a little minty, a little citrusy, and has a touch of honey – I love it! And if you don’t want all the sugar that’s in lemonade, you can swap for 1/2 lemon juice. Just sweeten with additional honey. The honey linked above is raw honey. It’s full of probiotics and enzymes that are good for the gut as well!

Xx Tara

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