Emery’s Birthday Gift List

HAPPPPY BIRTHDAY EMERY! This girl made me a mama 14 years ago and since then it’s been nothing short of a hilarious, fun-packed ride. She’s witty, kind, responsible, hilarious, laughs a LOT (especially at herself! 😂), loves her sleep, asks me on sushi dates, is the best babysitter, crafter, gymnast & is just SO FUN to be around.

I literally couldn’t function without her. She is truly the best of the best. And this girl marches to the beat of her own drum! So I had her put together her birthday list so I could share it with all of you!


1) DR MARTENS VOSS SANDALS: Emery has been dying to get these sandals so I picked these up for family pictures and gifted them to her as part of her birthday! We got the leopard but they also have zebra and giraffe. But keep in mind that you need to order based on euro sizing. Emery is an eight and we had to get her a six.

2) CRAYOLA GLOBBLES: Yes, it’s a toy for children. And my 14 yr old child was BEGGING for these things.

3) GRANDE LASH-LIFT HEATED LASH CURLER: Emery is obsessed with having perfectly curled lashes at all times. You know we tried this lash lift kit at home and it worked really well! But at 14, it’s hard to sit still for that long.


• • •

4) SET OF 10 RECTANGULAR GLASSES: I should know by now that if the Kardashians say that they’re a thing again, it’s a thing again. Hence this 10 pack of rectangular sunglasses. Emery is all about sunglasses and probably buys a new pair at every gas station we stop at!

5) SUNGLASS ORGANIZER & STORAGE: Yes, this is the same exact one Braun bought for his collection and I gotta admit, it’s pretty smart! And it keeps their sunglasses all in one place and from getting scratched. You could even assign a row to each person in the family and hang in a communal spot!

6) SLIPPERS: We love slippers in this house and encourage them! It keeps our kids from walking around in their shoes. And Amazon has become my go-to for cute, comfy, and inexpensive slippers!


• • •

7) PEACE SIGN RING: What’s old is new again, right? Funny how each age group seems to go through the phase of wanting peace signs and bead curtains (yes, she has those, too) everywhere!

8) SUNGLASS TRAVEL CASE: This case might be the best thing she got for her birthday! It is perfect for traveling and even storing her sunglasses. This case doesn’t crumple and will protect your sunglasses from getting smashed!

9) LEATHER JEWELRY ORGANIZER: A jewelry organizer is one of the best purchases I have ever made and so I picked one up for Emery for her birthday. They’re leather and come in 3 colors!

10) COW-PRINT TOTE: My girls are both loving tote bags as of late. I get it! They’re easy to get your books in and out of, aren’t as formal as a purse, and can be customized with patches, stickers, and marker!

11) JEWEL STICKERS: It’s funny how some things don’t change. These sticker charms are perfect for notebooks, phone covers, and the occasional earring!

• • •

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