Fall Break with Backcountry

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St. George, ya really never disappoint us. We look forward to coming back the moment we leave here. Our trips here are always full of so much fun and adventure that we don’t really get to do back home, plus, it’s a good escape for the freezing weather we are having there too. In either place, Backcountry has us totally covered for fun + adventure, or for cooler weather… My Backcountry code: TARABC15 is active again for first-time orders and will save you 15% (a few exclusions apply, but not many!) for anything you may need for holidays, gifts or adventures.

Right now is their major sock sale, you bet I’m ordering socks for under those winter boots! (which, PS. we love and really only wear SORELS!)

Sweatshirt | Boys Jacket | Boys Boots | Fuzzy Jacket | Half-zip Patagonia Jacket | Pullover | Sneakers | Black Hole Duffle | Collars

Perhaps the greatest thing we bought, along with our St. George home is this dang sprinter van! haha. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s totally brought us closer as a family + extended family to have both of these. Since we can haul all of our outdoor stuff between both houses easy with this beast, we spend a ton more time unplugged.. because the beast is so big, we can also haul all kinds of kids with us! It’s usually my nieces + nephews and they have a blast here together. Plus, no more leaving the dogs home and finding a sitter so we can go do something fun.

Black Hole Duffle Bag (small size) | Black Hole Duffle (medium size) | Black Hole Duffle (large size)

Packing for a family of 6, plus two dogs, plus things for extra kids, plus things to do is absolutely no joke though. Thankfully, my kids are mostly at the point where they can pack their own stuff… Jett + Dash still need some help. I usually take the longest (because I’ve been busy making lists for everyone, making sure everything is okay to leave, planning things to do, coordinating the drop-off or pick up of other kids, etc… no big deal, right??). At this point, everyone gets a black hole duffle bag and a list. They are our families favorite travel duffle, for sure. I’ve been sharing about these for sooooo long now (and hint, hint, they’d make an amazing Holiday gift for an adventurer or traveler!)

We have at least one of every size.. haha. The 40L or 55L definitely have the most color options and are the best for a long weekend trip, or a week if you pack minimally!

This is one of our favorite spots in St. George! It’s just a little local trail, but the kids love to bike it. It’s pretty much where Jett learned to ride his bike! Were ya here for that fiasco?! Haha. He’s a pro now, and finally rode down the hill he wouldn’t even dare to last year. We get the kids’ bike helmets from Backcountry! They are comfortable helmets, or at least, they don’t complain about them hah. Backcountry has a huge selections of bikes, also! You can check them out below.. they would make excellent Christmas presents – especially the balance bike if you’ve got littles!! Plus, my code: TARABC15 works on your first order (exclusions apply, but not many!! I tested it on a bunch of the bikes 🙂 )

Toddler/Beginner Balance Bike | Kids Bikes | Adult Bikes

Sweatshirt | Sweatpants | Sunglasses | Collars | Leashes

Enough about us….If we are being really honest, we all know it’s Pennie + Goldie’s world and we are just living in it. Any other dog mom’s feel this way?? Haha. Goldie is slimming down and starting to really enjoy these adventures!! Pennie would go with us if we were walking to the end of the Earth. She loves a good adventure. I don’t always have their leashes on, but I definitely always carry them with me in case I have to quickly hook them up. They listen pretty darn well, I’m thankful for that!

Sweatshirt | Sweatpants | Collars | Leashes

Their leashes + collars are a matching set made by ruffwear. The knot-a-collar is expandable, so the small size that they wear fits 14″-20″ necks and the larger size is 20″-26″! They come in 4 colors on Backcountry. I really love the carabiner look, and that they’re super durable. I have a lot of my dog faves from Backcountry linked in this post – or tap the pictures below to scroll through a bunch of them! 🙂

Sweatshirt | Sweatpants | Stanley Cups | Collars | Leashes

Want a good hack for saving on the highly loved IceFlow series by Stanley?? Buy it at Backcountry and use my code: TARABC15 to save 15% off your first order!! (okay, some exclusions do apply, but it definitely works on these. I checked on all of them!!) I was shocked to see they have every color option in the 20oz (pictured)! They only have charcoal in the 30oz – but still cute + you can get a discount. The 40 oz and 64 oz are perfect for beach + pool days!! We travel with 20 + 30 oz, if you’re thinking of Braun carrying all 6 of them in one hand in Mexico! haha.

20 oz | 30 oz | 40 oz | 64 oz

Sweatshirt | Sweatpants | Collars | Leashes | Sunglasses

I did manage to snag another killer pair of sweats from Backcountry with my last order! It’s the first time I’ve tried the brand Basin & Range! I’ve been super pleased with the quality of the items I ordered… I grabbed a second set too – I’ll link you to both!!

This sweatshirt is definitely a cropped fit. It’s actually a cotton terry, but it’s all organic. Sometimes I imagine that meaning that it is like crunchy or scratchy.. you know what I mean, right?!? We all have felt bad cotton terry. This definitely is not that all. The ribbing on the cuff, hem + collar is super cute too. I appreciate that it isn’t a tight hem. Color: Gull Grey

These sweats are called classic sweatpants for a reason, think of your absolute favorite pair you’ve ever had – these are probably dang close to that fit. The waistband is super cute, it’s like a couple inches thick and not super tight. The cotton Terry is the same as the sweatshirt, super soft and comfy. Color: Gull Grey

Tap any picture below to shop:

I didn’t manage to get photos in the other sweats… but imagine – sweatshirt just as soft and comfy but a full length hoodie, sweatpants just as soft and comfy but wide leg!! They’re the same brand. The sweatpants have a cute drawstring + hit at the ankles. I bought in the pink tint color for both (the lighter color)

Tap the pics below to shop!

One more pic for good measures, St. George, I’m happy we get to call you our second home. If you’re from around here – make sure you check out my recent IG post to drop some adventure recommendations for around here! We aren’t newbies, but we are looking for some more stuff to see. If you need any gear for adventures – Backcountry is definitely the best one-stop-shop for all the things! My code: TARABC15 will get you 15% off your first order (some exclusions apply)… don’t forget you + your spouse probably have different emails if you already ordered once 😉