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The pups + I are enjoying this stretch with Braun home… It means a daily walk for them with both of us + of course, double the snuggles. These morning walks require long sleeves now, but sandals are still comfortable and I truly wish this weather would stick around a lot longer than one season. Cool weather, I’m ready for you… in the sense that I now have completed my collection of the best fall fleeces… but on the other hand, I’m not ready to give up my birks, so please wait just a little bit longer, okay?? Thanks. So glad we have got that understanding down.

You know that patterned jacket I shared the other day?? This is the same thing, but white! I was super excited to know that Backcountry carries Free People items, ’cause my discount Code TARA15 works on it (15% off your first purchase of full-price items)!! This jacket is super comfy. The front pockets zip – but the jacket buttons up. The collar stands. completely up when it’s buttoned all the way which is nice when it’s windy or cold out! This is a small on me, definitely recommend sizing up one… I preferred the way the medium fit, especially since there is no hood! I love to layer πŸ™‚ If you prefer a pullover, here is the quarter button-up version! I love the green color Backcountry has in stock.

Here’s some other fall-inspired Free People finds at Backcountry!

Braun’s Sweatshirt | Braun’s Shoes | Collars | Leashes

I mean, just look at these good girls!! We’ve used these leashes + collars for quite a long time now. We have, of course, tried a bunch of them (because would it even be us if we didn’t?!?!?) and we land on this every single time. Since our pups are minis, it was more difficult than I thought it would be to find collars for them that weren’t only for puppies. These ones are adjustable, ours for 14″-20″ necks, and the larger size is 20″-26″ necks! So they really eliminate the need to buy collars at each stage of your dogs life! I’ll show you a close up next.

PS. Braun’s Sweatshirt is also available on Backcountry!! It’s one of his faves and one of the only tops he wears that isn’t black, so you know it’s a good one.

Collar | Leash | Jacket

Pennie has a lot more patience for modeling than Goldie does… she may be our busy pup, but she loves the camera! The collar adjusts with that metal plate and the knots! There’s a few color options available and I think they’re all super cute, but we have the charcoal gray. The leash is a perfect match, which was also a requirement when looking for a leash + collar. My OCD could NOT handle that. The pics below are linkable — so you can just tap if you see a color you like! The blue one with purple is so cute!!

Collar | Leash | My Jacket | Brauns Sweatshirt

We have the longer length leash.. one thing we found with other leashes is that we didn’t particularly like the clasps they used.. sometimes once they got wet they were hard to pull up, got stuck open, would hit on random things + release the dogs… all. the. things. This leash has a locking carabiner closure so we know the dogs will be safely secured the whole time. They have a few length options, we have the knot-a-leash which comes in small and large, but there’s also the knot-a-long leash which is 30″ long and great for training for leash boundaries!! Backcountry currently only has the red color in stock for the knot-a-leash, but all 3 in the knot-a-long! Honestly we have the leash curled up in our hands like in the picture a bunch, so the knot-a-long would probably eliminate that, haha. In the black piece of the handle it holds poop bags!! Amazing, right?? I’ll show you below!

Here’s some of the other dog products Backcountry carries:

So, confession… haha.. I maaaay have a slight obsession with this Patagonia Jacket.. yes, it’s the same jacket in all three pictures. It’s really darn good, and none of the colors options disappoint. This is definitely one of the best jackets I have shared this season — but here’s a bunch of others that are cute! πŸ™‚ oh – and one specifically to point out… the new color of this jacket is so good!! I wore the tan one just like that to death last year! I love it so much. This new color is so cute.. it’s called furry taupe.

One more honorable mention for these soft footbed Birkenstocks before I have to put them away for the season… well, I never really put them away, let’s be clear on that haha. You’ll see me at sub zero temps still rocking these during carpool. These Birkenstocks are so good. You can buy them brand stinkin’ new and they’ll feel like your favorite pair of broke in Birkenstocks. The suede they’re made with is super soft and comes that way versus the other kind that’s stiff and requires a break in period!!! I was excited to add this taupe color to my collection!

Do you have a pair of sandals you refuse to winterize?? How about a favorite fall jacket?? Come tell me over on my IG post from today!! πŸ™‚ You know I love to try new things!!

Backcountry carries soooo many outdoor brands, it’s really awesome just to shop in one place for everything. I bet if you browsed their site you’d find your favorite outdoor brands online. Starting 9/21 they have a pretty amazing winter clearance sale happening, PLUS Backcountry just rolled out an amazing rewards program! My code TARA15 is always active… you can use it on your first purchase (exclusions apply!) for 15% off.