Fenty Fam Sale – Early Access!

Partnership with Fenty + ShopStyle Collective

I’m just going to start here with the really important stuff… Fenty Beauty RARELY does site-wide sales + I’ve never seen one at 25% off before… let alone give out 30% off codes and early access PLUS free shipping on U.S. orders. But I’m here to tell you, I have a 30% off code and early access for you!! The 30% early access for my followers runs 9/22-9/23, then everything drops to 25% off from 9/24-9/27. I’ll give you a run down on my favorite products here and shades I have – hopefully that helps you pick out some good stuff!

Oh yeah, my code is: TARA30

Quite the collection, right?? Haha. Honestly I’ve used Fenty Beauty for a few years now, so some of this is old, some is new to me and I’ve been trying it out for about a month now. You guys have commented on my glow more times this past month than typical — so I’d say it’s working!

These Match Stix are definitely one of my favorite products right now! Before I even tell you about the product itself… can we talk about the packaging?? They’re magnetic! No more searching through your bag for blush, highlight + contour because they’ll all just be stuck together. I really think this feature is awesome. I hate loose pieces. Anyway, the color is really great. On the site it can look intimidating pigment wise, but they’re VERY spreadable. Since they’re so spreadable, I prefer to wear them a little lighter than the color they look. If you love the deeper colors, they are for sure buildable so you can get them as true to color as ya want! I’ll do a little demo in stories to show how I use them + I’ll share a video below!

I have these colors: Champagne Heist (two of these, haha!), Pink Lemonade + Yacht Lyfe. I also really like their chili mango color… I hope it restocks during the sale πŸ™

They’ll be choose 3 for $37.80 during the sale with code TARA30… $75 value!

Have you ever looked at your highlighted cheekbones and been like daaaaannnggg I need that glow all over?? Here’s your chance!! This color is called who needs clothes?! Well, me, I do… but, I can still have a dewy glow with them on. This for sure isn’t something I would wear daily, but it gives the perfect sun kissed sheen on the days I want it! The bottle is big + a little goes a long way! It’s gel based so it spreads really well. It’s called body lava body luminizer.

Body Lava Body Luminizer will be $41.30 ($59 normally!) with code TARA30

Have you ever tried a cream bronzer?? They’re pretty dang great + my favorite! You apply them same as a powder, but they go on smoother. I’ll show you on stories how I apply it!! This bronzer goes on as easy as the name.. like BUTTA! πŸ˜‰

The cream blush goes on exactly the same, super smooth! There are 10 color options. I have Poppin’ Petal.

Bronzer will be $22.40 + Blush will be $14 with code TARA30

Also in their cream line is this cream gloss. I tried both the regular gloss + the cream gloss, while they’re both great products, the cream was my favorite of the two. They have a lot of great color options in this! The one I have is the Fenty Glow color..

Cream Gloss 3 pack will be $39.90! ($57 value) with Code TARA30

Get ready with me – Fenty Beauty Products!

Hope this helps with application tips!

This is the last product I’ll ramble about πŸ™‚ It smells SO DANG GOOD. It’s an exfoliating scrub so it is perfect for the night before applying self-tanner, and to maintain an even tan. Even if you don’t use self-tanner, exfoliating is so important for your skin!! This one is full of antioxidants and vitamin c, plus has shea butter so when you’re done your skin should feel silky smooth.

Man, that was a lot! Hope you’ve made it this far. Just another little bit of info for you, perhaps some of the most important details.. Fenty Beauty products are made with clean ingredients + they are cruelty-free, vegan + gluten-free. Almost all packaging is recycled materials + can be recycled when you’re done with it! I love supporting and using clean products. Their customer service is also open SEVEN days a week. I know you are all busy.. so when you finally think of something on a Sunday morning that got missed all week, Fenty Beauty is available to help with any questions!!

The 30% early access for my followers runs 9/22-9/23, then everything drops to 25% off from 9/24-9/27. My code is TARA30.

Hop over to IG for a video rundown of the products, plus a video application of a few of them! Tell me in my post what you’re getting!! πŸ™‚