Father’s Day Gift Guide for 2020

I love any reason to spoil Braun. Every time I show his relationship with our kids, especially our girls, I get DMs on Instagram commenting on how lucky they are to have him as a dad.

And I gotta agree. They are lucky – we all are. He’s easily the most thoughtful person I know. He may not order me a 5 lb. bag of my favorite candy off of Amazon, but he’s the guy who will make sure my car always has a mini flashlight, a first-aid kit, and throw-up bags. He’s the person who thinks of the things everyone else forgets and he always makes sure we’re super prepared.

Braun’s also the guy who is up for an adventure. He makes the best of every situation and his mantra is PMA – Positive Mental Attitude. And he lives it.

He’s the dad who doesn’t mind getting dirty with his kids. He feeds their imaginations and fuels their dreams. I can’t get enough of his drive to better himself and he often inspires me to do and be more.

He loves being a dad. And I love that we get an excuse to spoil him and shower him with love and appreciation. I’ve put together a list of things that we’ve enjoyed over the years or that I’m excited to gift to Braun this year. I think this year is a bit different from years previous in that we’ll probably be spending a good portion of the summer together as a family, and I’m totally looking forward to it!

Take a look at my list below and tell me in the comments if you found something for your guy that’s worth checking out!

Xx Tara

P.S. If you want something that will totally blow his socks off, make him tear up, and something he’ll never forget, check out the gift I did for Braun a few years ago!

Father's Day Gift Ideas
Drink Organizer
Display Technologies
I'm totally patting myself on the back this year because I think I got Braun the ultimate FD gift! This soda/drink organizer is the perfect gift for him. I'm just hoping he doesn't see this before the big day. This will keep you drinks organized, push the next one up to the front, and it's easier for you to see when you're running out, and you're never going to have to deal with disorganization or toppled cans. And when you see these in your refrigerator, you're gonna love them as well! You don't see any of the black and your fridge just looks super organized.
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Leather Wallets, Phone Cases, Airpod Cases, Laptop Cases & More!
Andar | Get 20% OFF when you use code 'TARA20'
For the past 2-3 years, Braun has gifted these for birthdays, Christmas, and for sales incentives for his work team. They are so well made and the type of leather good that just gets better with age! I use their case for my Airpod, Braun uses their wallet, phone case, Airpod case, AND the laptop sleeve. They are super sleek and look so good. And you can get 20% off when you use code TARA20!
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If your man has the new Traeger with the built-in thermometer, forget this one but for everyone else, this is something every "Grill Master" should have in their arsenal! Takes a temperature in a little as 2-3 seconds, and is accurate to +/-1 degrees with a wide range of -58℉-572℉. IP67 rated waterproof, the Kizen thermometer can be washed under running water without fear! Get the temperature by the bright and large LCD screen instead of fumbling with your phone flash to get a read - and it has a lifetime warranty...it doesn't matter how many "accidents" it has. Your husband will have it for life!
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Momentum True Wireless 2 Noise-Canceling Earbuds
You guys know I returned my new Apple Airpods and went back to the original model because they just weren't comfortable. But I was recently given a pair of these and I LOVE them! They're Bluetooth earbuds with active noise-cancellation, smart pause, customizable touch control, and 28-hour battery life. They are super comfy and they have more functionality than the Airpods. They pair with Apple and Android, can be tracked with the TILE app (in case you lose them), and are much more comfortable. If your guy is totally into music whether listening while he works out or is doing his thing, the sound with these is incredible!
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Grill/Smoke/Cook/Bake All-In-One
If your guy isn't the one who does the cooking but you wish he would, get him a Traeger and he will volunteer to cook all the time! We've got one of these (which Braun loves) and I am constantly seeing my friends cooking on their's all the time! This particular model was voted the best bang for the buck by consumers and I've seen everything from glazed pineapple and shishkabobs to steak and cobbler cooked in it. This one is a bit spendy but when you're cooking on it a couple of nights a week - it's totally worth it. And a big plus - it gets you out of the hot kitchen!
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Patriotic BBQ Buttondown
Travis Mathew
Braun is the guy that goes all out on holidays and the 4th of July is so soon after FD that it's the perfect opportunity to gift your guy with a shirt he can be patriotic and grill in! You guys loved Braun's Star-n-Stripes last year so I linked this year's version so that your guy can show his patriotic pride appropriately!
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If you really want to speak your husband's love language you need to get him some of these tags. He can keep a stack of these in his car for when he runs his car through the carwash. These microfiber towels are some of the finest when it comes to getting rid of the water that remains after his 3rd carwash of the week. They dry, get the residue off, and won't leave a streak, lint fiber, or scratch on his ride. And they're SOOOO inexpensive!
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If you're planning on making your guy the official Grill Master, he's gonna need the gear. Especially if grilling is already a part of his hobbies! This thing is black and very manly, durable, and will keep phis clothes clean. It's got a ton of pockets, is adjustable, and he can keep his phone on him, turn on his tunes, and rock out while cooking your family an amazing dinner!
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Pickelball Set
Amazin' Aces
I don't know where pickleball has been all my life but this game is super fun and I think any active guy would love to get his own set. There are courts popping up everywhere now and it's a fun game to whack away some stress and enjoy the outdoors!
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100 Drives, 5,000 Ideas
National Geographic
One of the best things we've done in the past few years was our road trip through Tahoe and down into Yosemite last summer. Our vacations hadn't really worked out and we found ourselves with a few free weeks and decided to hit the road. We didn't plan it, we stayed someplace different almost every night, and IT WAS AMAZING! I can't wait to do it again. If you are a road-tripping family and like us, probably won't be taking the normal trips you do this year, get your husband this guide! I've already found 5-10 fun trips that we can take and I can't wait to have that time with my family!
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Car Battery Jump Starter
Remember the jumper cables your dad made sure you had in your car? Well, those are awesome...unless you don't have another car to give you some juice to jump your own car! This is an all-in-one battery that can jump your car or give juice to your iPhone and it's something every car owner should have in their car. It has up to 20 car jumps and can charge a multitude of other items!
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We've been using one of these for years (Hypervolt) but if you're new to the massager/therapy gun, let me educate you! These things are the best and the first thing Braun reaches for when he's home from OTF or a long bike ride. It has multiple attachments, has 3 speeds, and works out big and little sore muscles. Like I said, we own the Hypervolt but it's $100+ more than this one and this one have over 5,000 5-star reviews! Check it out - I know this is something your husband will love!
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Do-It-All Weenie Roaster
Wolf 'Em
If you've got an outdoorsman that moonlights as a dad, this do-it-all roasting stick should be on your list. It's perfect for BBQs, backyard fire pits, backpacking, family reunions, camps, and everything in between. It's got a rotary handle and the tongs face backward so you won't lose any more marshmallows. It also has an awesome attachment that you can use to cook biscuits and other doughs!
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Car Console Organizer
Vehicle OCD
I'm not the only one in my family who likes to be organized. And our cars are no exception. Braun actually purchased this car console organizer for his truck and it's been one of his favorite things. You can get one that custom fits your make and model!
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Next Level
I don't know what it is about this shirt but it should absolutely be a part of every man's wardrobe. You guys have purchased so many and sold it out on a number of occasions. YES! It's that good. Soft, great fit, and less than $8. Seriously, don't even wait until Father's Day. Just buy it because you want your guy to look good!
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30 Oz Tumbler
I know, I know. I'm cheating on Hydro Flask. But if I'm honest, I just think your guy is going to be happier with something he can throw in the dishwasher. Plus this tumbler even looks more manly than mine! Everyone who has one says that they're amazing at keeping ice cold and Braun absolutely loves his. They come in 13 colors AND you can switch out the lid for like 7 or 8 different options depending on your guy's drinking preference! PLUS it fits in the cupholder of a golf cart. You can thank me later!
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Cooler Backpack
Part cooler, part backpack, this is the perfect gift for your outdoor guy! It’s sizable enough to fit a day’s worth of drinks and food for you and your crew. The Hopper’s high-density fabric is waterproof and resistant to mildew, punctures, and UV rays. The liner is made from a food-grade material, and it's got a waterproof and leakproof zipper! It's big enough to hold 20 cans if you're just hauling drinks!
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Beard Trimmer
Braun uses these as a beard trimmer and I use them to cut my boys hair. They give the sharpest cut and I can't recommend them enough!!
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If your guy is more of a talker than a listener and won't get any tech that falls outside his carefully curated Apple world, then these are the earbuds for him! They're noise canceling, sound better than the Sennheiser's for phone calls!
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Waterproof Speaker
Ultimate Ears
I have probably linked you to this speaker no less than 40 times over the course of my blog. IT IS AWESOME. It is basically an indestructible speaker... it can get totally wet, filled with sand, fall out of a car...etc. It withstands it all and is SO LOUD. Fits inside cup holders so I find myself snatching it for our park outings and goes along with us in the RZR too!
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Range Finder
This is for the golfer (or hunter) in your life. It comes equipped with pin-seeking and flag-lock tech that lets your guy know the exact distance to swing. And when you lock to the target, pin, flag, or anything else, the JOLT tech vibrates to remind you, and the data will appear in front of your eyes! It also has a Slope Distance Correction function, the SDC function that helps you swing the right distance!
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Men's Manicure Set
If you want your tweezers, nail files, nail clippers, small scissors, and all your other grooming tools to stop disappearing, get your guy his own grooming toolset. This has everything he needs to keep his hands, face, and feet well groomed and clean!
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Latex Pillow
Just the greatest pillow of all time. I recommend the high loft plush. This pillow never gets flat. It always stays bouncy and is so cool. Your guy will never want another.
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Outdoor Projector
One of the things we love most in the summer is a family movie outdoors. This projector comes with a screen and shows 1080p and is fun for the backyard or camping. invite the neighbors, make some popcorn, and have your own outdoor cinema!
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22-In-1 Screwdriver Set
This mini screwdriver set has everything your guy needs to tinker with most electronics, laptops, phones, desktops, smartphones, toys, game consoles, eyeglasses, and more.
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Leather Sandals
I've got these and love them and we recently got Braun a pair! These are nice because the leather allows them to be dressed up or down, they're perfect for summer, and your guy (even if he's not into sandals) will love these! They form to your foot and only get better each time you wear them!
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Waterproof Sandal
Braun loves these things because they double as a pool/lake/beach slide and he still gets the comfort and look of his leather Birks. Plus, I think I have these in a million colors. Super comfy and super cute!
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Neoprene Backpack
Dagne Dover
If your guy needs a workbag that can double as his carry-on for airplanes (if we ever go anywhere ever again), this is the coolest backpack around. It's neoprene which makes it automatically cool, but it also has tons of pockets, will carry his laptop, and comes in a few sizes. I recommend the medium or large for men!
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3-in-1 Wireless Charger
If your guy has gone fully Apple, this is the charger for him. It can sit on his nightstand and he can lay his phone, watch, and AirPods right on the dock at night and wake up to all 3 being fully charged.
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Duffel Bag
This is THE bag to have for weekend trips, overnights, and even family trips (we all have one). They fit a ton of stuff and each family member can have their own color. I also love that they're pretty uniform in shape which makes for easy stacking and packing!
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Walkie Talkies
We take these along on all road trips, RZR rides, cruises, etc. They are so great and the quality is awesome!
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Sunglass Retainer
I made fun of Braun for getting these and I'm the one who ended up wearing them the first time!! And then I bought myself like 8 pairs. Kidding. But seriously, these are so fantastic! They keep your sunglasses around your neck and out of your hair. Guys love these.
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Step Ladder
This is one of those things that you can absolutely live without but once you have one, you wonder how you managed life BL (before ladder). It will be used in the garage, kitchen, bedrooms, outside for easy access to the roof - everywhere! And at this price, you'll wonder why you ever held out!
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Car Wash Kit
Chemical Guys
I know for an absolute fact that the way to a man's heart is to love what he loves. And this is another twofer gift. He'll use it to keep his car looking brand new and hopefully yours as well! It comes with everything your guy needs to get a good detail on his car, without dropping $300+ every single time! He'll have rags, sponges, wash, leather treatments and so much more. For $80, it's an investment that will give a return every time!
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Nike Apple Watch
Get him a watch that works with all of his other tech, tracks his workouts, allows him to call, and doubles as an iPod. Outside of his phone, this will be his most used piece of jewelry/accessory/watch/tech. It's something worth investing in!
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Tired of grandma leaving confusing comments on your social media posts, but still want to keep her in the loop on your life? Look no further. We gave this digital picture frame to Braun's grandparents for their anniversary last weekend and it is awesome! Every family member can download the app and upload pictures right to their frame. You can even add in captions so they know who and what was happening in the picture and the pictures upload automatically! Honestly? It might be my favorite thing on this list!
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