Father’s Day Gift Guide for 2020

I love any reason to spoil Braun. Every time I show his relationship with our kids, especially our girls, I get DMs on Instagram commenting on how lucky they are to have him as a dad.

And I gotta agree. They are lucky – we all are. He’s easily the most thoughtful person I know. He may not order me a 5 lb. bag of my favorite candy off of Amazon, but he’s the guy who will make sure my car always has a mini flashlight, a first-aid kit, and throw-up bags. He’s the person who thinks of the things everyone else forgets and he always makes sure we’re super prepared.

Braun’s also the guy who is up for an adventure. He makes the best of every situation and his mantra is PMA – Positive Mental Attitude. And he lives it.

He’s the dad who doesn’t mind getting dirty with his kids. He feeds their imaginations and fuels their dreams. I can’t get enough of his drive to better himself and he often inspires me to do and be more.

He loves being a dad. And I love that we get an excuse to spoil him and shower him with love and appreciation. I’ve put together a list of things that we’ve enjoyed over the years or that I’m excited to gift to Braun this year. I think this year is a bit different from years previous in that we’ll probably be spending a good portion of the summer together as a family, and I’m totally looking forward to it!

Take a look at my list below and tell me in the comments if you found something for your guy that’s worth checking out!

Xx Tara

P.S. If you want something that will totally blow his socks off, make him tear up, and something he’ll never forget, check out the gift I did for Braun a few years ago!

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