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It totally makes sense that the month that I’ve stayed home more than I ever have before would be the same month I purchased more than I ever have before! What is it about being home and staring at the same walls, and being around the same people, that have us clicking on ads more than usual or finally purchasing those home items that we have had our eye on?

I don’t have an answer for you. But one thing is clear: you guys are sick of being indoors. You are getting ready for summer, your clothes are becoming…less? And you’re seriously thinking about shaving regularly once again.

I, too, am contemplating this. So if you need a little inspo, or maybe you want to relive May once more, here are YOUR top purchases for the month of May

1) If You Buy These Shorts, You Only Have to Shave Up To Your Knee

It’s so hard to find cute jean shorts that are long enough and cute enough to be seen in out in public. But these are bonus shorts because, if you buy them, you only need to shave up to your knee. I’ve posted these shorts 5 or 6 times now and I’m still being asked about them!

JEAN SHORTS | LOOPY CASE use code ‘TARA10’ for 10% off your purchase of 1 case or use code ‘TARA15’ for 15% off your purchase of 2 or more

If you’re on the lookout for cute jean shorts that are a bit more on the modest side, I put together this collage as well of some of my favorites (I own quite a few of these) and some I found during my search!

• • •

2) The Verdict Is In: Sun visors are officially cool again

Did I say cool? Ok, maybe I used that word a little loosely. But, covering and protecting yourself from the sun IS cool and this hat at $12.99 makes it super easy and affordable to do so.


I also picked up a few of these sun visors during my recent Walmart Haul!


• • •

3) This will change the way your eyeshadow looks forever

I bought this…maybe a year ago? Two? I dunno. But I’ve been wearing this a LONG time! I wear it as an eyeshadow primer and all on its own. It brightens my eyes, creates creaseless eyeshadow, and can be used as a concealer! It also stays in place and doesn’t budge! You can check out the rest of my makeup favorites HERE.

4) even though you’re only shaving to the knee now, make sure you’re doing it with the best (and least expensive) razor around!

This one doesn’t even surprise me anymore. If you’ve ever shaved a day in your life you know what a complete headache it is. Even those of us who have had laser hair removal still have to shave on occasion and it never gets easier or more convenient. But for $9 bucks, you can get a super cute ergonomic handle, 4 blades, and a cute little magnetic holder that keeps your razors up and out of the way. Plus it makes it so the moisturizing charcoal barrier around the blades doesn’t get goopy.


And you only pay when you get replacement blades. Just like Pretty Woman, you say when! Not a super shaver and only need replacement blades every 6 months? No problem. It only costs $9 when you get that replacement. It seriously doesn’t get any easier or less expensive than billie.

Oh, and while you’re at it, make sure you check out their other products. They’re made by the same geniuses and I honestly don’t know what I did before they made these makeup wipes.

5) Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop. Tie-Dye EVERYTHING

I know there were 17% of you who clicked on the vomit face in my Instagram poll but the other 83% of you will love this dress. And I totally get why! It’s super cute, lightweight, and is perfect as a summer dress and pool coverup.


And if tie-dye isn’t your thing, you can still grab this dress in 9 other prints! And for $20, it’s a great summer staple.

6 & 7) Who Wears short shorts? Not me. But I do love a good mid-rise. 

I can’t commit to booty-baring but I do love a comfy pair of shorts in the summer for outdoor activities and hiking. And I LOVE a cut-off. I posted these as part of my Abercrombie haul and I’m so glad so many of you love them! They’ve got over 100 5-star reviews and are so comfy. Not too high waisted and they come in 7 or 8 finishes and colors.

Then there are these 9″ g-safe Bermudas that I absolutely LOVE and bought multiple pairs! You guys are obviously ready for summer because this is the 3rd pair of denim cut-offs that made this list!


• • •

8) Fake it ’till you make it

If there is one beauty item I love and am basically addicted to it’s the Fake Awake Eyeliner from Tarte Cosmetics. It’s the perfect not-quite-white, subtle nude liner that when placed on your lower water-line makes your eyes pop! I’ve been using it for the past few weeks and I’m totally converted. I have been exhausted with Braun out of town and the kids home 24/7 so this little helper has been amazing!

9) Fake it forever because the real thing can kill ya!

We all love a summer tan but the real thing isn’t super great for your skin. I’m a long-time devotee of the “faux glow” and one of my favorites (especially for my face) is Isle of Paradise. I’ve been mixing their tanning drops with my moisturizer for over a year and have just recently started using their tanning water which I love for all over!

QVC has been having some incredible bundles where you’re saving $20-$30 off of retail! And this bundle is amazing because it also comes with a mitt. If you haven’t used a mitt to apply tanning lotion/butter/foam/drops to your body, you need to! It’s a complete game-changer and will eliminate a lot of the issues you may be having with streaking or uneven application! I’ve got 10 Steps For The Perfect Faux Glow which will also help!


• • •

10) The comfiest comfies because staying home is still very much on the agenda

If you don’t own a comfy sweatsuit or leisure outfit, you are not treating yourself right! I recently discover Lou & Grey and went a little crazy during their last sale. I picked up some of the best sweatsuits and loungewear! I posted all about it HERE.

Rounding out this month’s list are these separates I picked up. You can still get 40% off all items when you use the code TREAT at checkout!


• • •

I hope you’re ready to kick off your summer and that this lists helps. I know things seem a bit heavy right now but I hope you get outside, spend time with your family, and get a chance to show off your new faux glow!

Xx Tara


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