Father’s Day Gift Guide ’21

Last year I did sooo good and was on top of getting stuff ready for Braun early. This year? Not so great. He’s been traveling, I’ve been traveling.. Kids are almost out of school now, things are CRAZY over here! You guys have also been asking everyday where this dang gift guide is haha! I’m out of town the next few days so I got all my shopping done today and compiled a list of all Braun’s faves and some stuff I grabbed for the dads in my life.

There is something for every kinda dad on here, I promise!!

Andar – Braun loves soo many of their products, especially their wallets. They’re super thin and hold the same amount of things!

Neck Fan – Your guy will thank you for this.. Does he: mow the lawn, grill, golf, hike, sit outside, bike, run, camp, go to the beach/lake, etc? If the answer is yes, I promise he wants one. This exceeded my expectations and I’m sooo happy I grabbed these for Mexico. Comes in dark green and white.

Yeti Backpack Cooler – This is seriously one of Braun’s favorite things. It keeps our stuff cold for days and you can wear it like a backpack. It’s really convenient.. especially when you have a million other things to carry for the kids. Use code TARAT15 for about $50 off!

Stanley Cup – leaving this link here for when it goes live. The coal and driftwood colors are so good for men! If you miss it, these flip straw cups are AMAZING! I love them for the beach or the pool.

Stanley Water Jug – This two gallon jug is perfect for road tripping.. throw it in the back of a truck or piece of equipment and you’re good to go for the day. Would be amazing for so many reasons. Guaranteed leakproof.

Traeger Grill – Can’t even tell ya how much we love our Traeger. I promise you they’re definitely worth it. The food is just so dang good off of it. No more charcoal or propane taste. Anything from smoking ribs to baking a pie.. seriously so good.

Ooni Pizza Oven – This is the pizza oven we used at our friend’s house!! It’s incredible.. and in my shopping basked for Braun (or is it really for me??)

Our Place Cutting Board & Knives – I’ll link the website to the name of them.. but you should really read my blog post on them HERE!

Grill Thermometer – This one works super well! It’s got 4 different probes to check the meat in various places. Bluetooth so you can leave them in, walk away and come back when you know it’s done.

Apple AirTags – Does your husband lose everything?? (or do your kids lose things on your husband?? Maybe he wants to know who actually took the charger?) These are the perfect solution. Really amazing for keys.. especially for people who have a push button start because ya never really know where the dang keys are.

AirTag Holders – These hold those AirTags.. they make them in a bunch of options!

Apple Watch – Braun LOVES his! Wears it daily. It’s on sale HERE.

Watch Bands – Apple released a ton of new bands for watches.. we love the solo loop.

AirPods – Another must-have per Braun. We both love these and use them every single day. They’re on sale HERE.

Ecco Shoes – Braun looooves these shoes. He says they’re super comfortable. He wears them all the time – notably these sneakers.

Birkenstocks – these are the best because you can just hose them right off if they’re dirty!

Duffel Bag – When you find something you love you buy it in every color, right?? At least.. that’s what we’ve done with this duffel bag. If you order it here from backcountry use code TARAT15 for $$ off! The 70L size is our fave but there are others.

Mini Tool Kit – This guy is suuuuper handy.. it’s electric and Braun uses it a ton. It’s great for sticking in his center console!

Thermacell Mosquito/Bug Repellant – We live for being outdoor in the summer! This repels mosquitos in a 20ft radius. He will thank you when he’s outside grilling with no mosquitoes pestering him.. you can get in a 2 pack to expand the zone or just get one. It’s rechargeable, no messing around with batteries.

Biolite Headlamp – This one is 750 lumens.. that’s a fancy term for super bright. Perfect for your backyard or camping, hunting, hiking, etc! It has a cord to charge, so if he’s on a long adventure he can plug into a portable charger like this one and it’ll keep on going!

Portable Charger – the rest of us have the white version so I decided Braun should have the black one so he knows if someone has his haha!

Massage Gun Theragun is our favorite brand.. they make a few sizes. We have this one, but this mini one has great reviews too. If you’re looking for something a little less expensive this one could be a good option – but we highly recommend the Theragun!

Center Console Organizer – This is made specifically for each vehicle so this link is to the one that fits Braun’s truck.

Flow Wall – so many of you were asking about our organization is St. George! This is what we have in the garage.. There are a ton of accessories you can get with it also, but this kit has all the necessities.

Qalo Rings – These are perfect for all the outdoorsy or exercise guys! Guys in constructions, allergic to metals, etc! Silicone bands. Braun wears this one.

Golf Range Finder – Braun uses one of these all the time while he golfs! Helps him decide which club to use, or something like that. Tells him the distance to the flag!

YETI Camp Chairs – I won’t lie.. they’re pricey.. BUT how many bag chairs have you bought, broke and thrown away?? They’re worth it. Plus you can use code TARAT15 to save!

lululemon Joggers – You had to have assumed lululemon would make a debut on here.. Braun is OBSESSED with these and the matching sweatshirt.

lululemon Swim Trunks – haha, yep. More lulu. These swim shorts are so good, and great quality!!

Coconu – Let’s be real.. this is the one gift he will never be mad you got him haha. Braun and I love the oil base, but if you aren’t sure the kit is the way to go. My code stacks on the discounted price. TARA

Leaf Blower – This is actually pretty dang cool. No backpack, just handheld!