Amazon Purchases May 2021

Whew guys, it’s only the first week of June and you guys have reminded me I have not posted this yet.. haha! Thanks for keeping me on top of things. This month was some good travel stuff (helloooo Cabo and Palm Springs!), kitchen items, books, tech and some other random things!

Travel Stuff

Figured I’d start here first because this is what you all have been asking about for days!

  1. Neck Fan – This thing.. guys, I’m telling you, you neeeeeed it. It surpassed every expectation I had for it in Cabo. I know I’ll be using this guy again and again this summer. Think pool days, gardening, lawn mowing, beach day, warehouse working, ahhh.. the list goes on and on and on.
  2. Travel Bottles – First impression: super cute, inexpensive, a bunch of them for all my different stuff.. silicone, flexible, uhh will they smoosh and leak? haha. BUT, they worked really well and I love them! The bag they come in isn’t anything special, but I just shoved the whole set up in my toiletry bag. They’re all TSA approved size.
  3. Clear Toiletry Bags – Again, TSA approved. Loved these because I can actually see what is inside of them! Comes in a pack of 3.
  4. Pill Organizers – I got this one annnd this one.. I have to be prepared for just about anything when I travel.. so here we are, with all of these pill cases haha. They did the trick! The little ones I threw in my purse, big ones in that toiletry bag!

Books & Tech

  1. Car phone mount – you heard my excitement and shared it with me.. This works with loopy cases. Hallelujah! Match made in heaven. I’ve been searching for one of these for YEARS and have gone through at least 15 other options that wouldn’t work.
  2. Atomic Habits – have you read this book yet? It’s worth picking up if you haven’t. It’ll teach you how all those little things really add up. It was an interesting read and I learned a lot!
  3. Steve Jobs biography – does this make me a nerd!? haha.

Kitchen Items

  1. Hand towel holder – grabbed this for the basement! Love the simple and sleek black look.
  2. GF Potato Chips – pretty dang good for a gluten-free chip! I am always trying new things to find the best GF options.
  3. True Lime packets – have you tried these? They’re natural and have no additives! Love these for flavoring my water.
  4. Bottle Openers – gotta open that Topo Chico somehow!
  5. Fiji Water – Is it normal to have a favorite water? Everyone has one, right!? I really like the taste of Fiji! This is a pack of 24.
  6. Parfait Cups – Perhaps my most controversial amazon purchase yet.. haha. I make Emery parfaits with these every morning. Love that there is a spot for granola so it doesn’t get soggy by the time she eats them. She throws them away at school but YES you can reuse them should you want to.

Other Random Things

  1. Beading supplies – beads, tweezers, forceps.. I have a whole beading blog post HERE!
  2. Eye Cream – Trying this out.. so far, so good. It’s all natural/vegan and has rosehip oil in it. Free from all the harsh stuff in other creams.
  3. Benadryl Gel Cream – This stuff works actual wonders on bug bites! Best itch stopper I’ve found. It’s a summer staple around here.
  4. Filters – had to order these for our hvac system, haha. Thought I’d throw them on here as a reminder you should replace your filter in your furnace/ac/hvac system every 90 days!!