Favorite Things: Road Trip Travel Edition

It should come as no surprise to you that my favorite thing to do with my family is to travel. I love making memories with them around the world! I have a lot of favorite products that I have discovered over the years. Like I said, we travel often and I am always so glad that I invested in good products that help make it easier to get up and go!

This list is going to be long… I hope it helps!


  • Braun and I love these PACKING CUBES because they squeeze out air and make packing compact super easy.
  • This ROLLING DUFFLE is super lightweight, holds a ton, and has a place for everything.
  • There are sooo many pockets in this BACKPACK and adorable color options.
  • This toiletry bag holds everything!  I have both the MEDIUM and LARGE size.
  • My favorite size of CLEAR BAGS. I use these for SO many things. Mostly makeup, toiletry items, hair things &purse organizers.
  • This size of CLEAR BAGS is awesome for your purse.  I use them for makeup and tech stuff.
  • These small CLEAR BAGS are perfect for lip stuff.
  • This 3 pack of CLEAR BAGS are great for your purse and travel sized items!
  • Want colored a 5 pack of CLEAR BAGS?? My girls use these!
  • I love this CLEAR CASE for shampoo/conditioner.  Can you tell I like clear bags?  ;D
  • After trying a whole bunch of different travel pillows, THIS was the one I decided was the best.
  • This is my most versatile TOTE. I have the LARGE size.  It holds everything and will look new forever!
  • Awesome noise cancelling, comfortable HEADPHONES.
  • This is by far the best E-READER you can get for the price.
  • We have a few of these CORD HOLDERS. I love how thin they are and keep everything in one place.
  • This is the best BATTERY PACK ever!  It can charge multiple devices at once, and will charge my phone seven times. I won’t even tell you how many I own.
  • I love this wall charging CUBE!
  • This MAKEUP BAG has a place for everything, and I love all of the clear dividers.
  • This leather crossbody PHONE CASE is the best for travel.  So worth the price!
  • This is the best wireless bluetooth SPEAKER.  It’s even waterproof, so it’s great for the beach or pool!
  • A collapsible WAGON!! I cannot tell you how much I love traveling with a wagon. I can take it though airports (and this one folds up so small) and its fun for kids to pile in or throw all of our pool stuff or travel backpacks in it.
  • A trunk organizer.  You don’t even know how much easier travel could be until you have used it on a road trip. It is so nice knowing exactly where extra diapers, wipes, extra treats, changes of clothes, etc are. And at $13? It’s a no brainer.


  • I got these PACKING CUBES for my girls and they love them!
  • I love these backpacks for BOYSTODDLER BOYS, GIRLS, and TODDLER GIRLS.  They put all of their car/airplane activities in it. Each kid has their own backpack filled with everything from wipes, diapers, change of clothes for the little ones, books, treats, iPad/headphones, etc.
  • We use this CONTAINER for hair supplies.  I love having everything on hand when we need it!
  • A great INFLATABLE MATTRESS is a must especially when we travel with friends. This one is BRILLIANT. Everything fits inside a small bag and it comes with fleece mattress cover and pump too! It is the perfect size for kids.
  • We’ve used these kid’s bluetooth HEADPHONES for years and love them!  They even have a share port so they can listen to the same thing.


  • My favorite magnetic PHONE MOUNT. I’m all for hands free.
  • These BARF BAGS are a must. Because, you know…
  • I love this SUNGLASSES HOLDER.  Buy the four pack (and share!) for the best deal.
  • This DVD CASE is super slim, durable, and holds a ton of DVDs.
  • We have so much fun playing this TRAVEL CARD GAME, and it keeps my kids off of electronics!
  • This is the best GAMING CONSOLE for travel!  I love that it can be single or multi player, and takes up almost no space. It is Dash’s FAVE!
  • You’ll love this CARRYING CASE for your gaming console.  It has a pouch for cords and slots for games.
  • We have a CAR LITTER BAG on the bag of every headrest.  They help sooo much with keeping the car clean!
  • I love this 72 PENCIL CARRIER.  Each of my kids keep one in their backpack.
  • I cannot handle crumbs and messes all over the car.. this + the charger for it comes with us on EVERY vacation and I use it SO often!
  • Snack Containers! Well these are really everything containers. Perfect for plane and car travel and I love how sleek they are.


  • These DOG WASTE BAGS with a dispenser are a must.
  • I love this retractable DOG LEASH.
  • These collapsible FOOD/WATER DISHES will make meals so much easier, and you won’t have to carry bulky food dishes.
  • There’s nothing worse than a smelly dog.  We love this dog DRY SHAMPOO.
  • I use this for DOG FOOD.  I use the two 150cc size and just keep it in my bag. They really are the most versatile little container!
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