Free People Round Up

Ahhh – you guys, putting all my Free People stuff in one place is kind of daunting and I definitely think it may be a bit of an obsession… haha! I’ll post linkable images of everything I’ve got, plus a ton of selfies and images with tags + sizing info for everything that I can. Free People stuff is usually one of the items most requested weekly if I share about something.

Okay – just going to start off strong with everyone’s tried + true favorite – the Hot Shot Onesie. This was an easy first swipe up for me when I first saw one of my friends had it (yep!! Influencers support influencers guys!). It was so dang cute on her! From there it spiraled. Everyone had on and was sharing this cute thing and collectively, we sold out Free People more times than once. I still grab their newest colors every single time they launch. Right now they have a good selection on their site and lots of sizes included. I’m typically a small, and I wear an XS in this and sometimes I wish there was even one size smaller but there is not. It’s definitely oversized. They increased their sizes with the last stock to XL… which means even my XXL and XXXL friends could try it! I’ve heard from people of all shapes and sizes that they love this + it’s super flattering on them.

Another thing I have in just about every single color and style are these shorts. I started by falling in love with this insane waistband. They’re high wasted and hold everything in and tight. They don’t roll at all on me + that’s a huge issue I’ve had in the past with other shorts. As you know, I used to be a die hard Lululemon shorts gal, and I’ve pretty much made a full transition to these.. they’re as high quality and a fraction of Lulu prices. These also took the internet, but Free People is doing a great job at keeping them in stock now and have tons of cute styles – solid, color block, embroidered, logo, noiseless, you name it! I did try the size down and size up in these – ultimately the small fit me best. I have heard from sooo many of you who are a true medium that you had to size up.. so I’m not sure if the sizing is a bit wonky on the M or what!

I’ve really been feeling the graphic tee/long sleeve trend lately. Free People definitely has some of the cutest. I typically size up in all of their shirts and get a medium. I made a mistake of sizing up in the long sleeve when it said “oversized” but I still love the way it fits. I prefer a bit of a bigger fit over tighter. I definitely don’t own all of these – but I thought they were super cute. You can tap the pics below/slide through the images to browse or click here to view all graphic shirts! There are sooo many.

I super love these sandals!! I wore the mohogany pair basically all summer + got the makeup color at the end of the season so they haven’t seen a ton of use. They are comfier than you’d think when you first get them. I was a little worried about blisters because o the ankle strap but it sits high enough above your ankle/low enough on your calves that it’s not a problem at all. I stayed true to size in these and I’ve been happy with them. A ton of you ordered them but I never saw pics of them shared (I probably missed them) but I would love to see how you styled them! Honestly they were super cute with my sweater set and that surprised me haha!

I ended up with this sweater set in three colors.. I don’t think I’ve officially showed you that I got black other than in passing on a quick story but I did, and I love it as much as the other two. The pants do have a drop crotch + the sweater is an oversize fit so I definitely recommend sizing down in this. I order the XS. It’s been nice because I can style them a few ways… Wear as a set, sweater with jeans, or tee with bottoms. Even though it’s more on the spendy side, it’s great that you can wear it multiple ways. Makes it a little more justifiable. Amiright? haha. Anyway, it comes in a few other super cute colors too. You can shop them all by clicking HERE. They certainly didn’t have that hayloft color when I first ordered…… love.

Without even trying, these boots quickly became one of my staple shoes. I catch myself wearing them with just about everything. Sweater sets, jeans, dresses, you name it. I was also worried about these and blisters, but the leather is super soft and they already feel “broke in”. If you know real leather, you know how dang impressive that is for a shoe, haha! Stay true to size in these and you’ll be happy with them! They are warmer than they appear they would be, so I definitely think these will be worn until snow fall. You could get away with a nude pair of no-shows under them I think. But the holes will be less than ideal for fresh snow. I know I’ll still be wearing them out to events and probably complaining my feet are wet!! They come in this color + bone!

I cannot even count the number of DMs I got on this sweatshirt when I showed it + didn’t share the link for it immediately! haha. Sometimes I don’t even think of it. I had had it for a little bit and just hadn’t worn it yet.. so I forgot you guys didn’t see it. I wouldn’t say it’s a cropped fit, but it’s boxy. I sized up to a medium in this one. I also have the oatmeal heather color on the way… or maybe it’s in one of the packages that got delivered while I was in Disney! I’ll show you that one on stories soon.

I share about these t-shirts allllll of the time. At least once a week – especially in the daily snaps section of my website. It’s a cropped fit. I can wear my tts (small) and wear with some higher waisted pants orrrrr I wear the medium for a boxy tee fit. Totally a preference thing. Emery loves to wear my medium ones. There’s a bazillion color options. You can check them all out here.

Sorry some of these pics are totally duplicates, but I wanted you to see these jeans with different style shoes to show you how versatile they are! If you’ve noticed.. they’re pretty much the only jeans I’ve been wearing lately. I promise they’re clean, I just own multiple pairs and washes, ha! I highly recommend sizing up 1-2 sizes. Remember when I first got them and shared them?! I was like a can of busted biscuits in my TTS.

Ahhh, this Carter Sweater set is also one I bought in multiple colors. It was absolutely perfect this summer. It also has the dropped crotch in it, so I recommend sizing down in this one too!! This top is also super super cute with jeans.

I don’t even think I’ve shared this jacket with you guys!! I’m sure you’ve seen it all over IG though if you follow more influencers. It’s been a really popular one this year for good reason. It’s really comfortable. When I purchased, they only had this blue and I reallllly am hoping to be able to grab the tan color when it finally restocks. I still think this one is way cute – I just wish I had a neutral color! Size small. And there’s a peek at the tee again.

These Billie Pants were one of my first FP finds months ago! I’m wearing a size small here and they fit great. I love the ties at the bottom to cinch the ankle. It gives them more of a jogger feel + these ones don’t have a huge drop crotch like other FP stuff.

Apparently I need to get better at documenting what I’ve gotten for orders dang it.. I guess a try on it probably in my near future!!