Gearing up for Winter with Backcountry

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Dare I say it’s probably going to snow + accumulate real soon? Ahhh, I’m not looking forward to it, especially not coming back from Bora Bora to freezing Utah… But, Backcountry is making it a bit easier. We grabbed a bunch of cozy winter stuff recently. We decided to try some new styles and LOVE them! If you’re looking for some new stuff – I’ve got a code for you too.. TARABC15 will save you 15% off on any full price items in your first order! (some exclusions apply)

My Jacket | My Boots | Braun’s Sweatshirt | Braun’s Boots | Collar | Stanley

My cool weather picks:

  1. North Face Winter Jacket – this is the coziest jacket.. Emery recently asked for one similar to it, and since we can share sizes, I ordered this one! The material on the shoulders is reinforced so if you wear a backpack often it won’t ruin it like it does most down-like jackets. Here’s the one Em asked for initially, or shop all Women’s North Face Jackets.
  2. Sorel Boots – you’ll probably never see me in winter boots that are not Sorels.. I love them + they’re the warmest. I also don’t love the giant-half-way-up-the-leg boots (hi, I’m short, we don’t really jive) so these shorties are perfect for me! They’re fleece lined and super warm. I’ve worn this style for years, but this color is newer! They’ve got really good traction, too. You can shop ALL women’s Sorel boots HERE.
  3. Beanie – This beanie is adorable! They have a super cute mauve color I love in it.
  4. Socks – these socks are the cutest. Not really winter related, but I’m wearing them under these boots haha! They boots are so warm you don’t really need bulky socks.
  5. SmartWool Socks – These are the socks that I wear on super chilly days. Love that they’re not super tall socks.
  6. Patagonia Fleece Zip-Ups – Patagonia makes a couple of my favorite fleece jackets. They will layer well under the jacket. THIS one is super cozy and fuzzy (ummm hello to the new furry taupe color…) + THIS one is the one you’ve seen me in a million times.. I have it in 3 colors!
  7. Patagonia Pullover – I’ve shared about this a few times in the past. They are always coming out with super cute new colors.
  8. Sherpa Jacket – Another one of my absolute favorite jackets.. this runs very TTS.
  9. North Face Long Jacket – Usually long jackets and I don’t mix because they’re so awkward on shorter people but this North Face one fits great!
  10. Backcountry Fuzzy Hooded Jacket – I ordered this in black last year when it was 50% off! This gray one is on major sale too.
  11. Sorel Duck Boots – These are the boots I had last year + I loved them. They are super warm and totally waterproof. The height was my fave. They have LOTS of color options.

The pictures below are obviously old, but they’re some of the items listed above! 🙂 You can tap each picture’s caption to go directly to the product.

Braun’s cool weather picks:

Patagonia Pullover

Braun seems to think winter is much further away and the weather currently is delightful… So he’s pictured here in his normal day attire. I need that big jacket, he just needs this pullover haha. BUT, here’s his winter faves:

  1. Patagonia Pullover – he layers this with everything! It’s one of his very favorites… he has it in multiple colors and backcountry recently added it in black, so you know he was all over this!
  2. Sorel Boots – Braun has had sorels for years and years, but this is his first year for this style.. he has said to me for days “Tara, these are like walking on clouds”, “Tara, these are so soft.. like sponges!” and so many more things. I think he’s about to buy them in every color.
  3. Sorel Leather Boots – In past years, Braun has had these! He liked them, but not as much as these new ones.
  4. Backcountry Jacket – Braun got this last year in black! Here’s a similar one, we love Stoic brand!
  5. Patagonia Jacket – One of his tried + true faves. He has it in black, the green + khaki color they have are so good!
  6. Beanies – Braun actually isn’t super picky in this department.. the Patagonia ones fit really well.

Again, old photos! But I wanted to show you guys some of this stuff! 🙂

Favorite Winter Gear for the Kids:

  1. Girls’ Patagonia Jacket – This is Anisten’s all time favorite jacket
  2. Boys’ Fleece Jackets – my boys love these
  3. Girls’ Sherpa Jacket – this one is super cozy. Both the girls liked this one.
  4. Boy’s Patagonia Winter Jacket – My all time favorite jacket for the boys. It fits sooo well and the quality is amazing.
  5. Winter Boots – Ordered these for the boys this year

My Jacket | My Boots | Braun’s Sweatshirt | Braun’s Boots | Collar | Stanley

I think we clean up pretty dang good. Anyway, Backcountry’s cyber sale starts today (up to 60% off!!) and there is SO many good markdowns. Plus, you can use my code TARABC15 on your any full price items in your first order!! We definitely will be shopping this sale… it’s time to size up for the kiddos.

And if you have questions or need help, don’t forget that Backcountry has hundreds of gearheads available 24/7 (via chat, email, and phone) who are here to help you find exactly what you need for your next adventure or activity. They are former Olympians, athletes, and guides who have a ton of expertise and knowledge and can steer you towards the best gear for your needs, as well as process exchanges & returns, and provide updates on order status.