Cozy Clothes at Walmart

Partnership with Walmart

It’s beginning to be my all time favorite season… Matching sweat sets + cozy sweaters. I dislike winter, love dressing for the season. You guys know I really don’t give up my matching sets ever, buuuuuuuuut, it’s time to talk about them more. Especially the ones at your fave everyday low prices from WalMart! 😉

Sweater | Jeans (similar)

My Favorite leave-the-house items at Walmart right now:

  1. Pink Sweater – This sweater (pictured above) is super cute and comfortable. It comes in a few colors + I think I’m definitely going to order the ivory one, also! The green gables would be dreamy for winter photos or at Christmas time! Love that it’s a V-neck, but doesn’t plunge super low.
  2. 90s Style Straight Leg Jeans – These are almost identical to my AF ones… for a fraction of the price!
  3. Fleece Sweatshirt – This is the one that over 3k of you ordered when I shared the pics of Em in it. I finally took some photos in it (see below) it’s the perfect length and you can tuck it up under if you wanted too! I’ll show both options below. It’s only available online and sooooooooo cozy. 10/10 recommend. Y’all have sold out 2 colors already.
  4. FP DUPE Sweatshirt – Honestly I can’t tell you how this fits or anything, because it’s on the way but hellllooooo cute dupe?!! The colors are different, but I’m loving the silver blue + cashmere (so similar to the oatmeal color I have!!) Here’s the knit version of it too.. love the acorn color.
  5. Pleat Shoulder Sweater – I wish I had seen this when I placed my last order, it’s adorable!! I love the sage color + the adobe red. The detail on the shoulders and on the sides is so cute.
  6. Mock Neck Sweater – love this one in brown, it’s not often you see a cute brown sweater!! The ribbing on the neckline is cute.
  7. Boxy Sweater – I have this one in two colors (cream color shown below!)! The name of it makes it sound like it would be scratchy, but it’s not. Promise.
  8. Tunic Sweater – this would be the best over leggings… the length is great and I love that the sleeves aren’t clingy. If you’re a green lover, the rosemary color is awesome.
  9. Ribbed Sweater + Skirt Set – Ah actually one of you sent this to me and then I saw someone else post about it and totally swiped up. It’s sooooooo cute. You buy both pieces separate. It’s $22 for the whole set.

Sweatshirt | Joggers | Slippers

My Favorite stay-in-the-house items at Walmart right now:

Ps. I say stay-in-the-house lightly, because I wear ALL of these out! haha.

  1. Star + Moon set (links in description) – ANYTHING I see with stars will make it to my closet asap. I love them. This is the cutest sweatshirt and jogger set + super comfy!! You do have to purchase separately. I also really love the camel cheetah set.
  2. Fuzzy Slippers – My whole family + extended family have these now.. haha. They have hard soles so you can go anywhere with them. There’s high probability if you see me running errands, I’ll be in these. Not sorry. The cheetah sherpa ones are a new style and my favorite. Here’s the little girls ones, they’re super cute + a pastel purple.
  3. Sherpa Slippers – these are super comfy stay-in slippers. The soles aren’t like the ones above, but they’re dang comfy! I’ll share pics below. They come in 3 colors.
  4. Wide Leg Sweatpants – These are super comfortable and fit great. I love the waistband and drawstrings!
  5. Zip-up Hoodie – This is the exact match to the Sweatpants above… the colors are identical.
  6. Top + Joggers sets – Walmart comes out with various versions of this every year and they have always been great! $25 for the set… 8 available colors!
  7. Star + Moon Set (new color!) – a new color of my fave walmart set, plus it’s actually bundled! $25.
  8. Camel (Cheetah) Set – You used to have to buy these separate buuuuut here it is all bundled!

One recent cozy find for kids was this set! The crewneck and joggers are sold separately + come in a few color options! 🙂 Anisten loves these. I have a ton of other kids favorites from Walmart HERE, including the cute wide leg sweatpants that Anisten said are her favorite she’s ever had.

If you’re looking for other Walmart favorites, dresses, tees, pants, shoes, kids stuff… HERE are all my Walmart Blog posts!! There’s seriously so much. They’ve really upped their game and have become one of our most frequently shopped at places. The quality and style is great and there are always an abundance of options.