Fall Walmart Finds

Partnership with WalMart

Guys.. here we are… WalMart has done it again! Whenever I get a compliment on something that I am wearing that comes from WalMart.. I always proceed to tell them where it is from and it is always followed with … “They have the cutest stuff lately! They’ve really stepped it up!” and I always agree. I shop at Walmart for nearly everything, from grocery pickup to clothing and everything in between, Walmart has truly become a go-to store for me! I recently placed an order for the kids + I!! Still waiting on a couple items to arrive, but we are LOVING what we’ve got so far. So comfy and cozy for fall!


Outfit #1

These jackets are the cutest! My boys love that they don’t have hoods. They are fleece lined so they are perfect as fall rolls around.. I dunno about you, but I can definitely tell it’s coming.. it’s so bittersweet! I bought black for both my boys. Can we also talk about how dang cute the matching sweats are!? My whole house is obsessed with joggers. They only come in the two pack – but you could get either colored jacket and it would match with both.

This is the crewneck version of the jacket, I like the gray and navy ones — but the red is super cute too. No matching sweats here – but the black joggers above would match with any of them!

These sneakers are basically a vans dupe! They come in multiple colors.

Outfit #2

This jacket feels like a fluffy cloud, haha. It’s sherpa material, which happens to be one of my favorite materials. You’ve seen all of my sherpa jackets!! The shirts are heathered Henleys.. there are multiple color options! They come in a pack of two. They’re only $7.50 each!! These pants are my boys favorites, they’re soft + fit really well. Plus they’re durable enough to withstand my boys! They wear the colored versions a lot to church. These sneakers are basically a vans dupe! They come in multiple colors.

Outfit #3

This shacket trend is coming in hot for women, but can we appreciate this one for boys?? It is SO dang cute. Pair it with a white t-shirt (these ones are soft + comfy!) and my boys’ favorite (+ soft… IYKYK) jeans and you’re good to go!! These wonder nation sneakers are super similar to vans!! They come in a few colors and most sizes are available! On colder days you also could pair it with a sweatshirt.. this is the one in the model photo on the shacket home page!!


I haven’t have time to snap pics of all of these, but here is our most recent Walmart finds for the girls!

Smiley Face Tee – Got Anisten the XS and it fits great.

Lavender Sweatshirt – pairs well with the smiley tee (or any tee!!) + jeans!

Sweatshirt Dress – this sweatshirt dress is so super cute! We love the sleeve length + style.

T-Shirt Dress – loving the length on this t-shirt dress for the girls, some of them are super sort but this one is knee length and the sleeves are longer

If you saw stories, you’ve already seen the rant on how amazing these sweats are! Anisten really loves them. We got this sweatshirt in gray + navy to match! We also got it in lavender so Anisten can wear it with jeans.


Anisten definitely made me promise I wouldn’t wear these on the same day as her.. haha. I bought all 4 colors of these pants!! I grabbed the matching sweatshirts also.

I’m really not sure if I’ve stressed this enough but this dress is sooooo dang good. It’s a thicker material + I know I’ll be wearing it all fall season for sure. I grabbed it in both colors. It runs TTS – I’m in a small! I suppose I probably could’ve sized down but I really love the length and the sleeve fit! The slits aren’t high or revealing, but they are on both sides. It would be super cute paired with a cardigan when it gets cooler out. I’ll show the darker color below.

If black, charcoal + navy blue had a baby — this would be the color of this dress. It’s pretty true to color in the photo!! It’s so pretty in person!

I usually stick to just buying the new colors of the men’s sweatshirt I love when new colors come out, but I saw this one and had to have it!! The slits on the side make it super flattering. The sweatshirt comes in so many different colors and also in cheetah + camo patterns. I started with this to test it out but I definitely think I’ll be adding more in my next order.

Yes, yes, this is the mens sweatshirt I was talking about. It’s cute + comfortable, and since Braun wouldn’t be caught dead in it (hi, it’s not his go to black!) — I’m going to consider it A-OK for me to wear. Sometimes men’s stuff is just way more comfortable.

They’re on sale again for $8! Stay true to size.

This shirt is a little thinner than the one I’ve shared before but other than that it’s a perfect dupe!! I ordered the black, I’ll be sure to do a try on with it soon. It’s so cute! There’s a bunch of color options that are perfect for fall.

That’s all *for now* with heavy emphasis on the for now… I find myself browsing through the Walmart app waaaayyy too often haha! I’m sure I’ll have lots more to share soon. ‘Till then, take a selfie or a pic of your kiddos with these Walmart Finds and share it on IG + tag me for a chance at some happy mail!!