Holiday Gift Guide for Coworkers – 2021

This is a new category this year! Sooo many of you requested this one and it surprised me, but it’s amazing to know you care about the people you work with. I love that. Most are under $25-30!!

  1. Rip-Off Calendars – this was the very first thing I thought of! It’s satisfying ripping off one of these guys everyday. Plus it’s fun when they’ve got neat facts, tips and tricks or are funny.. These are my fave I found: LIFE HACKS | OMG FACTS | AMAZING FACTS
  2. Rocket Book Notebook – This is something I use literally every single day. I wasn’t sure about it at first but I love it so much. I have two favorites.. this one + this one. They would make a really awesome gift.
  3. Pens – These pens work the best with the Rocket Book, but they’re great pens all around.
  4. Sticky Notes – It’s always better when things are cute! I love these + these. You could break up the big pack of post-it’s and divide them between coworkers!
  5. Desktop Plants – These little succulents are the cutest… and they’re fake. So if you’re like me, you’ll appreciate it. This is for a set of 3, so potentially 3 different gifts for $12.99?! heck yes.
  6. Ello Mug – I’ve shared this mug quite a few times! I love to mix my perk in it. It fits perfectly in cupholders, and has a silicone bottom so if you’re setting it on something wooden you don’t need a coaster. There’s also this cute one that is the same but colored top + wooden bottom!
  7. Pen Holder – This marble-looking pen holder is the cutest! I also really love this one, it’s the same marble look but holds a bit more. PS. They match the succulents
  8. Blue Light Blockers – These are my favorite blue light blocking glasses. Super worth it if you spend lots of time on the computer.
  9. Desktop Vacuum – It seems super silly, but I promise it’s a great idea! It’ll pick up crumbs, pencil shavings, eraser bits, dust, etc! It’s something you didn’t know you needed in an office, but ya do.
  10. Screen Cleaning Wipes – I’ve used these for years on any and all devices!
  11. To-Do List – A good way to stay organized. I love the size of this one. You could probably use one page for a week if you really wanted to.
  12. Phone Charging Stand – No co-worker will say no to this gift (unless their phone is not compatible.. haha). Anker makes the best chargers.
  13. Cord Clips – you could buy this whole pack and break them up between co-workers. These are what we use to keep spaces with lots of cords organized.