Holiday Gift Guide for Men 2021

Ohhhh, Braun. Do you see a color trend here?? Haha. I made Braun round up all his favorite things for us! This is his ultimate Men’s Gift Guide.

  1. Nomatic Backpack – Putting this at the very top, if there is one item on this gift guide he loves the most.. it’s this backpack. It has a home for everything. He loves it for work, daily use, travel, etc.
  2. Stanley IceFlow – This is Braun’s favorite Stanley! He likes the 30 oz. It fits in cup holders and doesn’t spill.
  3. AirPods – I’m pretty sure Braun would be lost without his AirPods. Remember when Pennie ate one?? It wasn’t great. haha.
  4. AirPods Case – This is his favorite case. It’s leather, and protects from anything… except Pennie. Code TARA20 will save you 20% off!
  5. Andar Wallets – These wallets are amazing! They hold a surprising amount of stuff… Lots of options are available. Code: TARA20
  6. Vuori Pants – These are like the only not-black pants Braun loves, but he also has them in black.. haha! They fit really TTS.
  7. Amazon T-Shirt – I answer at least 10 DMs weekly asking for a link to this tee!!
  8. Trimmers – I was blown away at how many of you ordered this when I shared stories of Braun with it. We’ve had it for a few years now and it’s been awesome. I use it on the boys also.
  9. Black Hole Duffle – It wouldn’t be a Braun-recommendation list without this! You can use code TARABC15 for 15% off your first backcountry order. Use a new email if ya gotta!
  10. Traeger Grill – This grill has been one of our favorites! You can do so much with it. Spendy, worth it.
  11. Grilling Thermometers – These thermometers are the best.. They are bluetooth so you can check it from inside!
  12. Yeti Backpack Cooler – Tried + true fave. We bring this everywhere. You can use my TARABC15 code on it too!!
  13. Ooni Pizza Oven – I am DYING to have this installed and ready to use. Braun wants to wait until it’s hooked to our gas lines. It was the best Father’s Day present!
  14. Ecco Shoes – B says these are suuuuper comfy.
  15. Apple Watch – another can’t live without item for him! He loves his watch.
  16. Watch Bands – Braun loves the solo loop + the braided loop!
  17. EVA Birks – We all have these and love them, they’re super nice because you can just wash them off if they’re gross!
  18. Mini Tool Kit – Braun has multiple of these stashed in vehicles, the garage, in the house, st. George, you name it. They’ve saved the day multiple times.
  19. Anker Charger – We all know by now he’s a little possessive over chargers… It’s because they work, and work well! haha.
  20. Portable Charger – another charger he loves! This one is the best for on-the-go
  21. Meat Injector Kit – another must for a guy who loves to grill!!
  22. TOBIQ Duffle – This is his second favorite duffle bag, he loves the organizational pockets in it (surprise, I know haha!). They’re the cutest small shop. You can use code: TARA and save 20% on their bags.
  23. Cordless Leaf Blower – Remember when I used this to blow up floaties?? haha. I’m not sure if Braun got this for himself, or so he could make the boys help out with leaves! It’s super light and easy to use.
  24. Nike Blazers – I think everyone in our family owns these! Braun loves them and has them in multiple colors.
  25. High Top Nike Blazers – Not gonna lie, these ones surprised me from Braun! I think they’re super cute, they just aren’t his normal colors. I’m proud of him for branching out haha!
  26. AirTags – my dad loves tile.. Braun loves AirTags. They have cute keychain holders you can put them in, too! Never lose your keys again.
  27. Coconu – I promise you, he will not be upset about this! haha. Code: TARA15 will save you 15%, even on discounted sets!
  28. Vuori Tee – This is one of Braun’s favorite t-shirts! It’s available in a long sleeve too.. I think I’m going to grab him a couple.
  29. iPad – Braun has the 11″ iPad. He prefers it over mine.
  30. SmartFolio – Braun loves this to go with his iPad. Says it’s the best keyboard out there for it!
  31. Apple Pencil – must have for the iPad.
  32. Tag Watch – Braun’s boss gifted him this watch, and he really loves it!
  33. Nomatic Messenger Bag – He loves this *almost* as much as he loves the backpack.
  34. Cord Bag – This cord bag is a newer find, he is a big fan of anything that organizes, so this was right up his alley.
  35. Slippers – Both him + I hate being barefoot inside the house, these are his favorite slippers!
  36. Nail Clippers – Braun always picks something super useful to buy for all the guys in the family – this year, it’s this! He uses it daily.
  37. LuluLemon Favorites – these are what made Braun fall in love with Lululemon again.. HOODIE | CREWNECK | JOGGERS
  38. Cinemood – this is the small cube projector you guys always ask about!! They gave me code: TARATHUESON50 for $50 off! You can take them anywhere!