Gift Guide for Your Luxurious Friend – 2021

Luxurious friends can be difficult to shop for.. The desire to stay in budget, the guilt for wanting to get them something they’ll love… This gift guide has something at every price point – and I promise, even the lower price points they will love!!

  1. Barefoot Dreams Blanket – IYKYK, these are the softest and snuggliest blankets in existence. No one has perfected the dupe yet.
  2. Shine Products – The lip gloss + lip velvet here are top shelf stuff, trust me on this!! Need color help? Goals, Bloom, Reverie + Belle.
  3. Silk Pillow Case – Nothing says luxury item like silk, especially sleeping on it. Plus, it doubles as a great skincare item.
  4. Nail Dashes + Brush on Glue – Press on nails ARE luxurious + save money. These have totally replaced salon manicures for me.
  5. Cuticle Oil – This stuff is the best. I apply every time I do my nails, plus some in between. It’s spendy, but a little bit goes a LONG way.
  6. Ice Roller – I use this to combat puffiness + migraines
  7. Olaplex Hair Care System – I’m just going to go on a limb and guess your luxurious friend spends time getting their hair colored?? this stuff is the absolute best for keeping hair healthy.
  8. Sleeping Masks – Black out + won’t smoosh lashes, or Silk. I use and love both of these. My girls use the silk one!!
  9. Shampoo Bottles – Normal shampoo and conditioner bottles can be so tacky, these ones are adorable and look fancy in homes! It was one of my favorite staging items at Parade of Homes.
  10. Skin Food – You can buy it in a drugstore, but I promise it’s top shelf stuff. This will rehab and keep any skin moisturized.
  11. Clhei Wallet – This wallet is made in Hawaii… It’s the best quality and I love the size. The cross body and laptop case are also some of my faves. Code TARA35 gets you their Black Friday promo way early!!
  12. Scalp Massager – This spider looking thing is actually heavenly on the head, it’s a great way to relax
  13. Massager – every single person on the planet deserves to own one of these!
  14. Gua Sha Tool – Nothing says luxurious the same way these things do… the rose quartz one is so cute!
  15. Volcano Candle – this is the exact scent everyone constantly tries to replicate. It’s soooo yummy smelling.
  16. Poppy Lane + Co Bracelets – I wear so many things from here! All of their jewelry is gold, silver or rose gold filled and won’t tarnish. They gave me an early Black Friday code: TARA40 for 40% off anything on their site.
  17. Bow Scrunchies – the best way to make a messy hairstyle cute!
  18. Hair Towels – These are the ultimate spa feeling gift, and something they’ll use daily I bet.
  19. Ugg Fluff Yeah Slippers – These are the coziest slippers… They feel like you’re walking on clouds!
  20. MZ Wallace Bags – these are my two current faves: Medium Metro Tote Deluxe + Metro Crossbody
  21. Jo Malone Perfume – this is my all time favorite perfume I think.. I’ve been using it for years
  22. Dyson Airwrap – this is the most expensive item on the list I think, but man oh man, this thing is the best hair tool I own.. If I could only pick one, it would be this.
  23. All Weather Bangles – These are the cute bangles you always see me wearing!! They don’t make noise and never lose their color.
  24. Tassi – the best thing invented for washing your face or doing your makeup without getting your hair all up in it.
  25. Equilibria – I can’t recommend this enough honestly, it’s been life changing over the course of three months. It’s CBD with dosage calls and unlimited support so you actually KNOW how to use it. It would be such a cool gift! My code is TARATHUESON
  26. LuluLemon Fanny Pack – this is one of my favorite things ever! It’s great if you’re out running errands, running, walking, at theme parks, you name it! They just came out with the cutest fleece one!!
  27. Lash Lift Kit – perfect for doing at home in a shorter amount of time!
  28. Snakeskin Yoga Mat – I love Lululemon yoga mats! This snakeskin one is waaaay cute. Hey B, if you’re reading, this is the only thing on here I don’t have! haha.
  29. Laneige Lip Mask – Say bye, bye forever to dry lips.. This stuff is the best. I put it on every single night and in the morning my lips are still nice and moisturized. It’s a little expensive for how much you get, but it’s on sale here on amazon + it will last you for soooo long.